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Sound Lounge Customer Story

Headshot of Steve “Major” Giammaria, Supervising Sound Editor at Sound Lounge

“MASV does exactly what it’s supposed to do – transfer large files. It has solved all my file transfer problems.”

– Steve “Major” Giammaria, Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Lounge


⭕️  Receiving hundreds of gigabytes worth of material from picture houses.

⭕️  Sending high-resolution assets to remote global teams, sometimes as far as NYC to Australia.

⭕️  Organizing hundreds of individual files from different ongoing projects.

⭕️  Aspera’s hefty price tag and extremely difficult user experience.


✅  Create a MASV Portal and share its upload link to collect large files from contributors, no matter where they are.

✅  Deliver individual files up to 15 TB to anywhere in the world, in less time than other solutions (and the occasional courier).

✅  Create an unlimited number of Portals (for free) for every project and brand it accordingly (also free) to stay organized.

✅  An easy sign-up process followed by a simple, drag-and-drop interface and set $0.25/gb downloaded pricing model.

Who is Sound Lounge?

Sound Lounge logo

Sound Lounge is a NYC-based audio post-production and mixing company that has been in business for around a quarter-century. The artist-owned and operated studio provides recording, voiceover casting, mixing, ADR, and sound design for film/television and commercial projects for clients such as HBO, Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, and Amazon Prime Video.

Re-recording mixer and supervising sound editor, Steve “Major” Giammaria joined Sound Lounge 16 years ago. Major works on film and television projects and says the key to being a good sound engineer is not being noticed by the audience – a little like being a good sports referee.

The Sweet Sound of Success

MASV is easy, fast large file transfer that always delivers.

Global Transfer of Triple-Digit Gigabytes

The audio file packages Sound Lounge sends and receives are often triple-digit gigabytes in size. Sound Lounge deals with dozens, if not hundreds, of large files like this every day. Furthermore, Sound Lounge is constantly sending or receiving to and from remote team members or other stakeholders in locations as far away as Australia. Therefore, they needed a stable, usable, and affordable large file transfer solution.

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Aspera: A ‘Tire Fire of Disappointment’

Major and Sound Lounge had previously used Aspera enterprise large file transfer software but weren’t happy with the results or the cost. “It’s a lot of money” for the on-premises version, he explains. So they tried Aspera Cloud next. 

“And it was okay for a while,“ he says, “but then they made some changes to it.” The changes, he says, didn’t work for Sound Lounge. “It became a tire fire of disappointment.”

Aside from the hefty price tag, the user interface was extremely difficult for team members, partners, and clients to learn and use effectively.

“In the end, it was simply unusable. The interface was a disaster.”

Sound Lounge began looking for an Aspera alternative. After some brief web research, MASV popped up, and Major liked what he saw.

Make the Switch to MASV

Enterprise file transfer without the cost and complexity of those other guys.

MASV: Better File Transfer Right Out of the Box

While Major was initially attracted to MASV’s pay-as-you-go pricing model and low start-up cost of $0, he also liked that it doesn’t try to do too many things at once.

“It’s not a nightmare of too many things like some cloud storage and file transfer platforms.”

After getting up and running in MASV in just a few minutes, right out of the box – a huge bonus considering their challenges with previous solutions – they quickly set up a series of individual MASV Portals for each of their many projects. 

Portals allow collaborators without a paid subscription or even a MASV login to easily send data to account owners by dragging and dropping a file. Portals also have a fully customizable look and feel, which are used to add company logos and branding – or other accoutrements.

Major says his group typically receives files from the picture department. Those files are often shuttled back and forth between his internal team members either offsite or at the company’s Flatiron District office. From there, completed files are sent on to the finishing house, which makes the final master.

MASV: A Frictionless Workflow

At the end of the day, MASV has embedded itself as a key workflow and productivity tool for Sound Lounge.

MASV Logo with Audio Table As Background

Organization with MASV Portals

Because Sound Lounge Film+Television often works on as many as 5-10 shows or films a day, their well-oiled system of one branded MASV Portal per project has made it easy to keep track of and organize incoming and outgoing media.

Remote Flexibility

MASV has afforded Sound Lounge way more flexibility in terms of accommodating remote work – both during the pandemic and in the future.

“We use MASV to shuttle files around to a regionally distributed team of sound artists.”

Time Saved

Major adds that all that convenience MASV brings adds up to significant time saved on day-to-day large file transfers.

“It streamlines that process. Internally, it’s just easier to send a MASV back-and-forth between team members.

Client Satisfaction

MASV’s simplified interface and hassle-free user experience makes it far easier for Major and his team to collaborate with clients; no log-ins, coaching, or troubleshooting required.

“Externally, you want a frictionless experience for your clients. If I’m sending it to someone, they don’t need an account, they don’t have to sync to something – it’s just, ‘Here’s a link, download your stuff and be on your way.’ And even the most tech unsavvy person can figure it out.”

MASV File Transfer

Get 20 GB to use with the fastest, large file transfer service available today, MASV.

To the Finish Line

Apache logo small

“It’s the most straightforward and user-friendly option in the market.”

– Luis Amaya, Producer, Apache Color & Finish

Sound Lounge had much to say about MASV’s simplicity over other complex and gated file transfer solutions like Aspera. Another example is Apache, a Dolby-certified color and finishing house out of Santa Monica, CA.

Unsatisfied with Aspera’s high prices and lack of flexibility, Apache jumped ship to MASV for all their large file transfer needs. Now, Apache is able to comfortably move RAW camera footage and hi-res production assets like DPX and EPX files between teammates and clients.

Read our interview with Apache’s Producer, Luis Amaya.

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