Tasty Edits Customer Story

Headshot of Alex Lefkowitz the ceo and founder of Tasty Edits

“We want creators to have no hassle. They’re not here to learn software. We need this to be frictionless. Boom, boom, boom – easy. That’s what MASV gives us.”

-Alex Lefkowitz, founder and CEO, Tasty Edits


⭕️ Receiving large video files from creators across the world in a timely manner.

⭕️ Offering a simple method for clients to send files and for video editors to download them.

⭕️ Integrating a large file transfer platform into Tasty Edits’ proprietary software.

⭕️ Maintaining complex folder structures upon file receipt.

⭕️ Finding a budget-friendly file transfer solution, unlike previous, expensive options.

Solutions (Via MASV)

✅ The MASV Desktop app and its Multiconnect feature for increased speed when sharing files globally.

✅ A MASV Portal to allow clients to upload files to video editors using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

✅ The MASV API to add file transfer functions to Tasty Edits’ custom software.

✅ MASV maintains file and folder structure for every transfer.

✅ Reasonable rates through MASV’s flexible pricing.

Meet Tasty Edits

Tasty Edits

Tasty Edits is a professional video editing service primarily geared to the creator economy and businesses and entrepreneurs who create video content. It was founded by CEO Alex Lefkowitz, who launched the company when his freelance video editing business started getting more clients than he alone could handle.

While the company is primarily a video editing service, Tasty Edits recently expanded its suite of services to handle YouTube channel management and thumbnail creation for creators. It edits both horizontal and vertical videos destined for YouTube, TikTok, Instagram Reels, and similar social platforms.

Tasty Edits Highlights:

  • Founded three years ago.
  • Works with high-profile creators and organizations such as emmymade, the Institute of Human Anatomy, TreasureChrist, Kat Wonders, and Sopo Squad Gaming.
  • Has a team of 21, including video editors, managers, channel managers, and back-end administration.
  • Typically works on 100-plus videos at any one time for a variety of clients.
  • Guarantees standard turnaround times of 48 hours for horizontal videos, and 24 hours or less for vertical clips.
  • Built its own video editing order management application (VOMA), with MASV embedded within the platform.
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The Challenge:

Finding an Affordable and Reliable Embedded File Transfer Solution

As mentioned above, Tasty Edits built its own versatile platform to handle video editing orders, its proprietary Video Order Management Application (VOMA).

VOMA serves as a gateway between creators and a global remote team of video editors.

  • Creators can drop a large batch of raw video footage into the system and upload in a single click. They can also specify editing instructions and handle payments via VOMA.
  • Editors will then download the video files and corresponding metadata off the same system without leaving the interface. Once they have a first draft ready, they upload it for creators to leave feedback.

Tasty Edits typically works with files of around a few dozen GB, but sometimes handles extremely large video files of up to a terabyte.

As such, Lefkowitz needed a reliable and efficient large file transfer platform that could facilitate file sharing directly inside the VOMA platform. But most large file transfer solutions the company tried were too slow and difficult to use, explains Lefkowitz.

“It was a nightmare,” he says of the company’s previous solutions. “Too slow. Not user-friendly enough. Integrating them into VOMA didn’t work out too well.”

The company needed a better way to receive files and keep them in the cloud for a few days while video editors did their magic.

After researching the market and running a few tests, Tasty Edits now uses MASV because of its:

  • Speed and reliability, even when working with collaborators halfway around the world.
  • Ability to seamlessly embed MASV into Tasty Edits’ proprietary software via the MASV API.
  • Capacity to maintain the file tree structure of complex file packages sent via MASV Portals.
  • Reasonable pricing spectrum for companies with high-volume file transfers. Learn more about our pricing >

“MASV is the fastest, easiest to use, and most affordable file transfer service.”

The Solution:

Integrating MASV

Tasty Edits uses VOMA as a one-stop shop for its clients to order video edits in just a few clicks. MASV is seamlessly integrated into the VOMA experience.

upload screen for tasty edits voma platform
  1. Clients log onto VOMA and submit an order form with video editing instructions.
  2. The order form includes a file upload window, which is an embedded MASV Portal.

MASV Portals are secure file request pages you can use to collect media assets from third-party teams. You can request files via email or send a link. Portals can be automated, integrate with popular cloud storage platforms, are fully customizable, and your collaborators don’t need a MASV login to send files.

3. When media is uploaded, the VOMA system automatically spins up a new MASV Portal unique to that work order.

4. An assigned video editor then downloads the files from the new Portal without ever leaving the VOMA interface.

5. All videos are simultaneously saved in MASV Secure Cloud Storage for the next seven days at no extra additional charge.

“Our clients simply hit a button to upload the raw footage and submit their order form. And it’s done.”

MASV API & Embedded Portals

Tasty Edits leverages the MASV API to auto-generate MASV Portals for every new order for better organization and file tracking purposes. The API even allows Tasty Edits to automatically extract any video metadata attached to the file package and display it natively within VOMA, so video editors have everything they need to get started.

The VOMA platform also uses an embedded Portal as the main upload form for two reasons:

  1. Portals invite public submissions; people don’t need an account to upload to a Portal.
  2. Portals are fully customizable; change the colors, background, and URL to match your branding.
masv portal embedded in tasty edits voma platform

File Acceleration

Tasty Edits takes advantage of the powerful MASV Desktop app and raw speed of our Multiconnect feature, which allows anyone using the app to combine internet sources – such as 5G and ethernet – to generate greater bandwidth.

The MASV Desktop app can share heavy files at speeds web browsers simply can’t achieve, and is free for Mac, Windows, and Linux. It can easily move petabytes’ worth of data across multiple time zones at blazing speeds and allows exclusive features such as channel bonding and bandwidth scheduling.

Speed and ease-of-use are the most important criteria for Tasty Edits because it works with video editors and clients in multiple countries.

Its creators and video editors also don’t have time to learn complex new software to transfer files. Heck, they don’t even need a MASV account to send and receive videos.

“They don’t have to do anything,” he explains. “They just receive the files on VOMA, hit download, and boom – it’s downloaded.”

Preserving File Structure

Another huge draw of MASV is that it maintains even the most complex file tree structures throughout the file transfer experience.

“Sometimes we’ll get dozens of clips for a single video order,” Lefkowitz explains. “And the creators may organize those in subfolders on their system.”

Not having that structure come through on Tasty Edits’ end would mean having to piece together large file packages in the right order, which would be a major drag on the operation.

Transfer Hours of Video With Confidence

MASV has no limits on file packages and handles files up to 15 TB.

The Result:

MASV Helps Tasty Edits Scale Its Video Editing Services

While the features we mentioned earlier are all valuable, speed and simplicity are at the core of why Tasty Edits prefers MASV.

“Our whole goal with VOMA is to make things as easy and simple as possible,” says Lefkowitz. We want creators to have no hassle. They’re not here to learn a software. They just want video editing, right? And to get that done in the most efficient way, we need this to be frictionless. Boom, boom, boom – easy. And that’s what MASV gives us.”

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