Global Collaboration Without Restrictions

Invite uploads to Storj distributed storage without an account and enable media collaboration that has no geographic limitations.

Connect Storj to MASV today.

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Flexible Pricing

Both MASV & Storj offer low pay-as-you-go rates for transfer & storage, respectively.

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Global Performance

Accelerated ingest, access, and retrieval of terabyte files, regardless of location.

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Sustainable Architecture

Reduce emissions with Storj’s green design; ditch drive shipping with MASV.

The Challenge:

I need a straightforward way for remote teams to efficiently share large media files.

My video production workflow spans time zones, with remote and contracted teams. Moving large files between everyone is time-consuming and costly.

  • Some teams have poor network connectivity.
  • Large datasets take forever to upload & download.
  • Contractors cannot add to our object storage, which causes delays.

The Solution:

MASV & Storj: A winning combination for large file media workflows.

Storj is a secure and performant distributed data storage service. MASV connects to Storj and allows for secure uploads from those without a login.

  • Use a MASV upload Portal as bridge into Storj.
  • Saturate ingest/egress from closest server location.
  • Upload up to 15 TB per file into Storj without limits on number of files.

How to Connect Storj to MASV?

  1. Create a new MASV Portal.
  2. In the Portal builder, Go to Cloud Integrations.
  3. Choose Storj from the dropdown list.
  4. Fill in the required token and bucket information.
  5. Finish your Portal and share the URL with anyone.

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The MASV Advantage

More reasons why MASV is perfect for large media workflows.

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Easy Automation

Portal uploads autosave to connected cloud storage.

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Extra Security

Control access, set expiry & download limits, add passwords, etc.

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Better Performance

Improve speed & stability with our free Desktop app.

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Who is Storj?

Storj is a globally distributed cloud object storage enterprise-grade provider that delivers CDN-like performance for 80% less than traditional cloud storage. Storj utilizes existing excess storage capacity, which is significantly more efficient and sustainable than legacy, centralized providers and is easily integrated into any existing stack with S3 compatibility.

Who is MASV?

MASV specializes in the fast and secure transfer of large files, making it an ideal solution for media workflows. It is capable of accelerating hundreds of gigabytes at once, entirely over the web, without the need for file compression or splitting. Remote media professionals trust MASV to share high-resolution copyrighted content with each other on a deadline.

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