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Receive Large Files to Your Backblaze B2 Bucket with MASV Portals

Send Large Files To Your Backblaze B2 Buckets


Connect your MASV Portal with your Blackbaze bucket and receive your large deliveries directly in your bucket. Whether it is to share with your colleagues or to archive the files to B2, now you can receive your large files without any manual input.


No more downloading files from MASV only to re-upload to cloud storage. Simply connect Backblaze under your Portal settings and we will handle the rest.

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How It Works


1. Sign up at MASV and create a MASV Portals. You’ll get a free 20GB. It’s free and no payment or credit card is required.

2. Set up a Portal. Choose “Portals” from the left navigation panel, and click ‘Create New Portal.’ Design the Portal of your choice, add contributors to the recipient line and click “Create Portal.” You have the option to use MASV Teams to invite contributors to set user roles and restrictions, then invite.

3. Configure Backblaze B2. Once you hit “Create Portal” you’ll be prompted to configure a cloud service. Select Backblaze B2 and add your account information. Once finished, you are good to go — contributors can now be invited to submit files to your Portal (and in the back-end, these large files will go straight to your defined bucket).

4. That’s it! Contributors will upload files and they’ll automatically deliver to your B2 bucket. You’ll receive notifications of transfers sent and completed via email or Slack — so you can go do something else.


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Deliver to B2 also includes:

  • Automation for each of your active MASV Portals. Set rules to automate deliveries so no one ever has to click a download button
  • A dashboard view to configure/delete automations
  • A quick-view menu for easy status checks on your automations
  • Blazing-fast delivery to Backblaze B2

Built On Your Feedback!

Help us make MASV more productive for you. If you have feedback for us on anything at all, please submit it via our feedback form.