The State of User-Generated Content

by | May 13, 2024

The State of User-Generated Video

Examining the Use of Stolen User-Generated Content

The user-generated content market is growing quickly. But it also has a big problem: The unauthorized use of user-generated videos.

Nearly half (47%) of creators who have had content used by brands have had that content used without permission.

That’s not great news for some marketers and brands who include UGC in their content marketing strategy, because nearly 95% of creators we surveyed said brands should reach out and ask permission before using their content in a UGC campaign.

These are just some of the findings of a wide-ranging UGC content industry survey of consumers, creators, and marketers conducted by MASV alongside market research partner Dynata.

Other insights in the report include 👇

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  • 81% of consumers say they trust user-generated video more than professionally created brand content or influencer marketing, and 85% say they rely on UGC video before making a purchase.
  • But three-quarters of these creators hadn’t been paid for the use of their content, and nearly 40% didn’t get credit from the organization or influencer.
  • To add insult to injury, of creators who have had their content used without permission, nearly 70% said they were disappointed or very disappointed in the brand or influencer who used it.
  • But nearly half of marketers we surveyed said there isn’t much risk in using creator content, such as an Instagram Reel, without permission.

This is a clear warning to brands—of which nearly 100% said they will increase or keep the same budget for UGC in 2024—who want to work with the creator community but don’t ask permission (or even give creator credit).

The report also examines the general state of the user-generated video market, along with what marketers can do during their next UGC campaign to impress the creator community and stay compliant.

Download the full report today to learn more about the power of user-generated content for brand awareness, brand loyalty, and potential customers—along with how using the right tools to collect UGC, such as copyright-compliant MASV Portals, can help.