Alex Marriott

Alexandra Marriott

Video Creator

About Alexandra

Born and raised in Ecuador, Alexandra grew up interested in photography, editing, storytelling, and acting from a very young age. She moved to Canada to pursue her dream to become a video editor — and has since fulfilled that dream, having worked in nearly every aspect of film; from production, to camera and post-production departments for documentaries, films, promotional videos, testimonials, youtube videos, music videos and social media ads.

Career Highlights

The documentary she edited: “It Runs in the Family“, has won multiple awards in film festivals in North America, including audience awards for Best Feature and Honorable Mentions for social issues.

Her YouTube videos created for companies and influencers have generated more than a million views on different platforms, helping to increase revenues and grow a competitive online presence.

Alexandra and her team have also been awarded $90K total from Storyhive pitching contests to create their own original content, where she worked as the team lead, co-producer and editor for the animated short film “Witch Problems“, and the editor of a pilot for the series “Earth Squad“.


Personal Interests

Alexandra enjoys staying active and is passionate about technology, video production, education, traveling, art, nature, pop culture, scuba diving, ocean conservation, human rights and the paranormal (just to name a few.) 👻

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