George Vulic

George Vulic

Head of Product Growth

About George

Joining in Nov 2021, George is a passionate Product professional who has dedicated much of his career scaling video and multimedia brands using product-led growth methodologies. As a video creator himself, he knows all too well the pain of shipping hard drives and the challenges associated with collaborating remotely on productions. This is why MASV’s mission resonates deeply with him.

As a Head of Product Growth, George’s role is to identify and lead the execution of product features that solve business problems at scale. He guides a cross-functional team of developers that build growth features and mentors a growing product/design team to achieve exceptional growth outcomes and to continuously level up in their careers.

Career Highlights

George has worn many hats while contributing to the product life cycles at various companies. Whether he is working in a Product Management, Design, or Marketing capacity, he is always focused on delivering exceptional growth outcomes for his organization. His career highlights include increasing new user revenues by 45%+ at vidIQ by optimizing the free to paid experience, more than doubling medication orders at PocketPills Pharmacy by delighting patients with an in-app onboarding experience, and growing search traffic by millions at Wondershare Technology by creating and launching website products and viral videos.


Industry Awards

Personal Interests

When George is not at MASV, he is spending time with his wife and family, enjoying nature, or doing some sort of art. He loves to record and produce music. He plays all kinds of instruments, the most unusual being the sitar. He also loves to design interfaces, graphics and make videos. He has also been growing his music YouTube channel TrillyRap with over 200K subscribers.

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