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Junior Dallagnolo

Junior Dallagnolo

Technical Team Lead

About Junior

Ernilo Dallagnolo Junior joined MASV in May 2019 as a Front-End Developer and has since become a technical team lead. Working closely with the front-end development team, Junior helps MASV deliver the fastest, most simple, and most reliable website and app to transfer files over the cloud.

Career Highlights

Junior software engineer career actually started here on MASV; it was his first job after graduating with a Mobile Applications specialization. His earlier career focus was in Business and Administration, having 10 years of experience as a manager, and that insight brings a very different way of working with software, as he can identify and align business goals way earlier in the development cycle and provide actionable feedback.


  • Bachelor of Computer Science, FURB, Brazil, 2012
  • Mobile Applications Design & Development, Algonquin College, 2017

Personal Interests

  • Going to the beach or hanging out by the pool (perks of living in Brazil).
  • Dedicating a healthy amount of time to his very active husky (Max).
  • Playing video games — especially RPGs, strategy, and management genres (he’s a sucker for those never-ending games).
  • Internet memes — he only pays attention to social media for the memes.
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