Enhanced Workflow and Security with MASV Plus

With MASV Plus, you’ll get all the features from our Pay-As-You-Go plan, plus:

  • Huge savings more when you buy 10TB+
  • Custom billing and trial terms
  • Pay by credit card or invoice
  • First priority support
  • Custom Metadata Fields
  • Priority feature request
  • ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Certified
  • Single Sign On (SSO)

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MASV provides secure and efficient cloud file transfer to enterprise teams and their various collaborators. Move large volumes of data — with incredible ease — at unprecedented speeds.

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Enterprise File Transfer That Isn’t Complicated (Or Expensive)

In the world of high volume data transfer, a good file transfer solution will reduce the amount of time, effort, and resources it takes to complete a task — which in turn boosts productivity and efficiency.

Most enterprise or managed file transfer tools want you to invest thousands into a complex solution that requires hours of upkeep just to stay operational.

We think that’s ridiculous; MASV is equal parts simple, fast, secure, reliable, and affordable.

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Easier to Use (For Everyone)


Reduce friction between sender and recipient; share large files, request assets, add team members, and integrate cloud apps all from a web browser. Just drag-and-drop files into place to get started.


MASV supports all browsers; your teams can share files without any specialty software or plugins, wherever they may be. Our Desktop app is also available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.


MASV doesn’t charge per seat; invite as many team members as you need for free and manage their permissions all within the browser.

As Secure As They Come

MASV is a secure file transfer solution that is guaranteed to safeguard your data with industry-standard compliance and must-have privacy features.


MASV comes with ISO-27001 & SOC 2 certification, verification from the Motion Picture Association (TPN), password-protection, and controls to set download limits and custom expiry dates.


Works with SSO

MASV supports Single Sign-On with SAML-based authentication. A MASV team owner can configure an Identity Provider (e.g. Okta, Azure AD, PingOne) for user management and service authentication.

Dedicated Support

Gain access to a dedicated account manager and technical support. If something goes wrong with your transfer, we’ll be on-call to assist you at a moment’s notice.

Boasts Superior Performance

Remarkably fast

We use premium AWS cloud infrastructure and our proprietary acceleration technology to supercharge file transfers over the web. MASV has a network of servers in 300+ global locations.

Ready for anything

MASV requires a verified connection between servers to preserve data integrity. And in the event of a network crash, we save your progress so you can resume from where you left off.

Considerate of others

MASV leverages an accelerated version of TCP with built-in congestion control; monitor network traffic and automatically optimize transfer speeds to avoid bullying others on a shared network.

Lighter On The Wallet

Most UDP-based file transfer solutions have expensive annual contracts, per-seat licenses, and data caps separated by tier. They also require extensive IT support and training to be operational, which soaks up precious resourcing hours (and adds to the total cost of ownership).

With MASV, not only do you save on file transactions, you also save on the costs traditionally reserved for installation, maintenance, and training.

Pay Per Download

With MASV’s usage-based pricing, you only pay per download. We don’t charge per-seat or break up pricing by tier. Uploads are free and we include seven days of free storage.

Volume Discounts

If you plan on sending more than 10 TB, contact us to receive a discount per GB as well as an extended trial and more data credits.

Sign-up and send

You can sign-up for MASV today and start sending files in seconds. No firewall support, port-forwarding, or training required.

Secure File Transfer and Workflow Efficiency. Guaranteed.

Acceleration & Workflow Features

Along with incredibly fast, secure, and stable media ingest, MASV offers built-in tools to help you accelerate transfers, collaborate, and automate workflows across your organization.

Unlimited Branded Portals

Receive file deliveries with a MASV Portal: request, collect, and organize assets from anyone — they don’t need an account to contribute.

Create as many Portals as you need at no extra charge.

Custom Metadata

Add custom fields to an upload form and collect contextual metadata to further organize your media assets across MAMs, DAMs, and other forms of cloud storage.

Cloud Tool Integrations

Compliment your workflow with our cloud integrations. Sync with enterprise storage providers, media asset management tools, messaging apps, and more.

Multiconnect Speed Boost

Give your transfer some extra juice — Multiconnect combines two or more internet sources to create one strong network that multiplies transfer speeds.

10Gbps Transfer Speeds

Send terabytes of data in minutes, not hours. Our Desktop app is capable of handling speeds hitting 10Gbps to power next-gen video workflows.

Powerful Desktop App

Get the MASV Desktop app for greater transfer speed, performance, stability, and exclusive features you won’t find in our browser app.

File Transfer Automations

Create send, receive, and storage automations with MASV Watch Folders. Automate mundane and repeatable file transfer tasks and free up your time.

Robust & Flexible API

Our flexible file transfer API lets development teams introduce a fast, secure, and capable ingest tool to their custom workflow.

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Easy and Secure Enterprise File Transfer

Learn why Smart Post Atlanta chose MASV over IBM Aspera and Signiant Media Shuttle to support their secure ADR workflow for enterprise clients like Marvel Studios (just to name a few).

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