Avalon Customer Story

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“MASV is so fast that you can send your content faster than you prepare your morning coffee!”

– Mery Villanueva, Head of Post-Production, Avalon


⭕️ Delivery of digital cinema packages (DCPs) to cinemas.

⭕️ Delivery of other large files to television stations, streaming services, and film labs.

⭕️ Slow, unreliable, and difficult-to-use file transfer via Avalon’s previous provider

Solutions (Via MASV)

✅ Secure, fast, and user-friendly file transfer through the MASV Desktop App.

✅ A dramatic improvement in transfer speed, allowing Avalon to be more efficient in its file transfers.

✅ More affordable file transfer through MASV’s usage-based pricing

Meet Avalon

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Avalon is a Spanish independent film production and distribution company founded by producer and executive Stefan Schmitz in 1996 in sunny Madrid. The company works with cinemas, television stations, and streaming platforms to provide an extensive catalog of more than 230 films and documentaries.

The company has had a hand in several award-winning productions, including:

  • Co-producing Carla Simón’s Alcarràs (winner of the Golden Bear at the 2022 Berlin International Film Festival).
  • Distributing Ruben Östlund’s three-time Oscar-nominated Triangle of Sadness (Palme d’Or winner at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival).
  • Distributing Clara Roquet’s Libertad (winner of two Goya awards and four Gaudi Awards).

Avalon also works directly with several streaming services, including Amazon, HBO, Netflix, Movistar, and MUBI.

libertad movie

Libertad (2021)

“We normally acquire and produce independent films from all over the world,” explains head of post-production Mery Villanueva. “We search the best European and international films with critical acclaim and the support of film festivals. We aspire to discover new talents and stories that show the essence of the human being.”

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Slow, Expensive, Needlessly Complex File Transfer

Avalon, which previously used Signiant to transfer large video files, had experienced ongoing challenges getting those files to its clients. The service was slow, unreliable, and difficult for both Avalon’s staff and recipients.

“We were looking for other options,” assistant film editor Elena Gutierrez, adding that MASV’s pay-as-you-go model was attractive for a company that depends on its large file transfer service every day.

Avalon digitally delivers digital cinema packages (DCPs) to cinemas, film labs, television stations, and streaming services.

“When the coronavirus pandemic hit, we began to send 95 percent of our materials digitally,” Villanueva explains, adding that most of Avalon’s DCPs were traditionally transported on hard disk drives.

“We realized we reduced costs and also reduced the environmental impact caused by the transport of the hard drives.”

A Seductive User Interface and Affordable Transfers

After discovering MASV online, both Villanueva and Guiterrez say the company soon knew it had found the right solution. “We liked MASV because of the financial aspect, and because the interface was friendly and intuitive,” says Villanueva.

“The interface seduced us.”

send large files upload in progress

Avalon now uses the MASV Desktop App to send DCPs or ProResHQ files in 2K and HD resolutions at 24-25 fps, resulting in files averaging between 100 and 200 GB in size.

Avalon’s post-production department, spearheaded by Villanueva and Guiterrez, manages the MASV platform to send materials to clients and partners — mostly within Spain, but also to international sales agents. The post-production team uses MASV in conjunction with its network-attached storage (NAS) device.

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MASV: Blazing Fast and Easy to Use

Villanueva and Guiterrez say MASV has had a significant impact on their day-to-day business.

Improved file transfer speeds

“With an excellent wireline, a 150 GB archive only needs 30 minutes to be uploaded,” explains Guiterrez. “This makes us more efficient, while allowing us to send more files in less time.”

MASV is optimized to support bandwidth connections up to 10Gbps.

Easy experience for staff and clients

MASV’s intuitive user interface was also a breeze to learn and teach to Avalon’s many partners and clients, since the latter simply needs to click on a link to download files transferred via MASV.

“It was easy,” says Villanueva. “The team adapted really fast and the cinemas didn’t have problems when they began to use it.”

Flexible pricing

MASV’s pay-as-you-go rate has been a boon to the company’s bottom line, helping open up new opportunities for Avalon through the ability to reach more cinemas and other clients with its content. MASV also offers subscription pricing by terabyte, along with MASV Plus for larger organizations who require custom support and pricing.

MASV File Transfer

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