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“It’s just a better way to work. We don’t have to think about how we’ll send or receive a rush—basically, we don’t have to worry about file transfer anymore.”

– Nicolas Leroy, Archivist, Jellysmack

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Who is Jellysmack?

Jellysmack is a technology-driven creator company that develops and helps monetize social media audiences for video creators such as PewDiePie, MrBeast, and Oh My Goal. Founded in 2016 with offices in New York City, Paris, and Los Angeles, Jellysmack works with creators to identify suitable social platforms, optimize and A/B test video content, promote campaigns, and interact with fans.

Jellysmack helps its clients grow their fan base and increase revenue, allowing video creators the freedom to do what they do best: create.

Nicolas Leroy is an archivist at the company. He has one word that summarizes Jellysmack’s experience using MASV for large file transfer: “perfect”.

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Moving On From FTP

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Jellysmack receives rushes (also known as dailies)—the vast majority of which are gigantic RAW files—from dozens of video creators around the world every day. 

All that great content is destined for Jellysmack’s internal and external teams of post-production specialists and video editors, who optimize it by tailoring videos to specific social media platforms and A/B testing for the best combination of features (such as thumbnails, editing, and taglines).  

Before discovering MASV, however, Jellysmack used a file transfer protocol (FTP) server combined with physical NAS storage to receive, store, and collaborate on videos. 

It was a process that Jellysmack archivist Nicolas Leroy describes as anything but smooth.

“It didn’t work for us,” he explains from his home office in France, adding that the former FTP-based workflow too often led to technical headaches, slowdowns, and project delays—an annoying inconvenience for staff, partners, and creators alike.

That was, however, until an internal resource suggested the company give MASV Portals a try as an FTP alternative

A Gateway Between Creators and Editors

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Leroy says he and his team now use MASV as a gateway between Jellysmack’s legions of video creators and video editors, and that getting it up and running—and using it every day—couldn’t have been easier for both internal and external stakeholders. 

Jellysmack’s new, MASV-driven content ingestion process now goes like this:

  1. Each client (video creator) is sent a link to Jellysmack’s branded MASV Portal
  2. Creators then transfer their files to Jellysmack by dragging-and-dropping their large video files into the MASV Portal
  3. All video content is automatically transferred to Jellysmack’s account (thanks to MASV integration with with the video collaboration platform)
  4. Jellysmack’s post-production and video editing teams can then access the files for editing and directly on

MASV’s built-in automations and cloud integrations mean Jellysmack doesn’t need to do anything—literally—to ingest video via a MASV Portal, save it within, and have it instantly ready for editing. 

Our integration with Slack, meanwhile, ensures all stakeholders are kept updated on project progress via real-time notifications.

“When we started using MASV, it was amazing,” Leroy says. “We didn’t have to deal with any more questions or problems from creators or our video editors. So it’s fantastic for us.”

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Jellysmack + MASV: A Perfect System

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Leroy says MASV’s intuitive, easy-to-understand web interface allowed him to set up multiple Portals and receive files like a pro after just a few minutes of training. “The interface is very simple to understand – very user friendly,” he says, especially compared to the company’s previous FTP workflow. 

That’s great news for Jellysmack’s clients, as well, who are no longer confronted with an arcane FTP dashboard and complicated workflow simply to send large video files.

“MASV is simple and efficient,” adds Leroy. “It just works. We use MASV, and that’s it – we don’t ever have any questions. It’s a perfect system for us.”

And while he can’t quantify exactly how much time it has saved the company and its clients, Leroy says MASV’s uncanny speed, reliability, and ease of use has now made large file transfer something of an afterthought at Jellysmack.

“It’s just a better way to work,” he explains. “We don’t have to think about how we’ll send or receive a rush – basically, we don’t have to worry about file transfer anymore.

“If you need to action a large quantity of rush data, anyone can use MASV easily. It just works. It’s perfect. If you have a need like that, it’s for you.”

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