Know Exactly Where Your Large Files Are With MASV + Slack

Be notified when someone on your team sends a package, recipients download a package, direct download of Portal deliveries occur, and key activity events happen, all within a Slack channel.

MASV desktop app screenshot
MASV desktop app screenshot

See Exactly Who’s Sending Which Files

Get a quick snapshot of the package senders email, package name, and package size. You also get a notification the second any recipient downloads so you know the package got to where it needed to go.

Download Portal Deliveries Directly From Slack

Portal deliveries are always meant to be downloaded by someone on your team so we made it even easier to access the portal download pages by linking them directly from Slack. Just click the download button and you can access your delivery without any extra steps.

MASV desktop app screenshot
MASV desktop app screenshot

Track Key Events Like Which Users Join Your Team

When a new user joins your team you will be notified via the Slack channel so you can keep track of who’s coming and going.

Much More To Come

MASV loves Slack so we will continue to add nifty new features into the integration to help make it more useful for your team. Some examples include: extending storage times for soon-to-expire un-downloaded packages, modifying download limits with one click, deleting packages that have already been fully downloaded, and maybe even the ability to upload to MASV directly through Slack. If there’s a particular feature that would be useful to you, just let us know at [email protected]

How To Connect MASV To Slack

Before getting started, ensure that you have sufficient permissions in your Slack workspace to add new apps. We also recommend creating a dedicated “MASV” Slack channel before connecting MASV to Slack, since you’ll be prompted to choose one during the process.

1. Login to your MASV account

2. Expand the menu in the top left and select “Settings” and then “Team”.

3. Under Slack integration, select Connect.

4. Authorize MASV to post notifications to Slack and choose a channel. You’re done!

Connect Slack to MASV

Connect Slack To Your MASV Now

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