Send Large Files to Microsoft SharePoint

MASV is the fastest way to send files and folders to SharePoint

Media & entertainment organizations rely on MASV for the fastest uploads to cloud storage providers including SharePoint.

Send large files to Microsoft SharePoint

Automate your workflow with MASV and SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is widely used as a secure place to store, organize and share files in the cloud. It provides a single place where teams can easily collaborate, manage and secure critical audio and video content and business processes.

MASV Cloud Integration works with SharePoint to automate the process of uploading even the largest files from any unlimited contributors in any number of locations.

MASV is the Fastest Way to Move Your Files to the Cloud

MASV’s accelerated cloud sends files at faster-than-internet speeds and with exceptional reliability and minimal slow-downs. Our global network quickly delivers even TB-sized files and folders to cloud or local storage faster than ever before.

Fastest file transfer with MASV

20GB file sent over 1 gbps connection from Ottawa, Canada

MASV custom branded Portal to receive files

Make MASV Your Own

MASV Portals can be totally customized to match your brand standards. Upload your logo, customize the background of your page, choose colors to fit your desired look and feel, and embed the Portal on your website. Create unlimited Portals at no extra cost, giving you maximum flexibility for any scenario.

Securely Receive Files from Outside your Organization

Rather than sharing access to your organization’s SharePoint account, simply share a link to your secure MASV Portal. When you connect your Portal to SharePoint, any files or folders uploaded by your contributors will go directly to your SharePoint account.

Like all MASV uploads and downloads, files sent to Portals are encrypted both in-flight and at-rest and benefit from Trusted Partner Network best practices for content security. Plus your Portal can be password protected, ensuring only the intended recipients can upload files.

Password protected MASV Portal

20GB file sent over 1 gbps connection from Ottawa, Canada

“It’s just super straightforward, and we don’t have to spend time troubleshooting or working with clients on how to actually transfer files.”

Casey Schendel

Founder and Head of Production, Think Out Loud Studio

Send Large Files to Microsoft SharePoint in Just a Few Clicks

Setting up a SharePoint integration for MASV Cloud Integration can be completed in just a few clicks. Before getting started, you’ll need a Microsoft SharePoint account.

Then from your MASV account, set up a new Cloud Integration with SharePoint by authenticating your credentials. Click “Connect”, and you’re done. Your SharePoint cloud integration is ready to use with your MASV account.

For further instructions on configuring your integration and troubleshooting, refer to the support documentation.

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