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12 Premiere Pro Plugins for Fast Editing and Special Effects

by | May 21, 2024

Thanks to its robust editing features, it’s no wonder that Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the most popular editing tools for video professionals. But it doesn’t hurt to get a little more help from plugins to get the job done faster and easier.

Plugins for Adobe Premiere Pro enable you to streamline your workflow and greatly increase the quality of your work, helping you be more organized, automate tasks, and stay in one window instead of wasting time going from one software to another.

In this blog, I’ll show you some of the best Premiere Pro plugins to improve your workflow so you can focus more on the creative side of the work. I even use these for my own projects!

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Get Projects Done Faster

When you’re finished with post-production, use MASV for lightning-fast delivery of your media files.

Repairs and Improvements

Your video is great, but why not make it even better? You can do just that with these repair and improvement plugins.


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Twixtor is a remarkable tool for time remapping and speed manipulation. Its advanced algorithms interpolate frames to create smooth slow-motion effects, even from footage that wasn’t shot at 60 or 120fps.

You can use Twixtor to slow down or speed up your footage without compromising quality. Twixtor’s got your back for those slow-mo scenes or time-warp effects, and its flexibility and accuracy make it a must-have plugin for editors who want to spice up their projects.


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Yes, Premiere Pro already has a warp stabilizer effect to fix your shaky footage, but Mercalli is on another level! Whether you shoot handheld or use a drone, its customizable settings provide precise control when shooting various types of footage. It also comes with CMOS/rolling shutter correction.

While the plugin is available for Windows users, there’s also standalone Mercalli SAL software you can download for Mac. The automatic results from the Windows plugin are better in my opinion, but the Mac software works just fine. Its advanced stabilization algorithms smooths out camera movements for professional-looking results.


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From the creators of Twixtor we also have De:Noise, offering top noise reduction technology that helps clean up your footage with just a few clicks. With intuitive controls and customizable settings, you can remove noise, grain, film dust, and other artifacts affecting your footage while preserving a high level of detail.

Neat Video

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Another great option for noise and grain reduction is Neat Video. With great visual aids and settings for removing bad grain, it integrates smoothly into editing workflows to enhance overall video quality.

Color Grading and Styles

You can use the following plugins to play with different colors and styles to get the atmosphere just right in your videos.

Cinema Grade

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Next we have the Cinema Grade plugin. Yes, you can use Lumetri in Premiere Pro, but Cinema Grade offers intuitive controls and powerful tools for achieving professional results quickly.

With built-in presets and adjustment options, just select an area to modify its color, light, or contrast and drag up and down to adjust these parameters. If you’re having a hard time with Lumetri, Cinema Grade will give you stunning color-grading effects with ease and without leaving the software.

Film Convert

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Film Convert is an amazing plugin that helps you achieve a variety of different film looks quickly and easily. This plugin emulates the color and grain of popular film stocks, giving your digital videos a cinematic touch and a timeless aesthetic. Film Convert is a favorite among filmmakers worldwide.

Beauty Box

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The Beauty Box plugin offers advanced skin retouching tools to improve the talent’s appearance on screen. It intelligently smoothes skin tones while preserving natural texture and details. It’s like having a professional makeup artist at your fingertips!

You can remove blemishes, wrinkles, and imperfections easily, making it perfect for portrait shots, interviews, or beauty tutorials. It also has some great presets to instantly add specific color grading styles to your videos.

💡 Note: There are many other plugins you can use. You can download them directly from the Creative Cloud desktop app. Some are paid, some are not.

Heavy media files? No problem

Transferring massive files–up to 15 TB per file!–has never been easier.

VFX & Motion Graphics

Use these plugins to add eye-catching special effects to your videos.

Red Giant Universe

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The Red Giant Universe plugin offers a variety of customizable effects, transitions, and motion graphics to elevate your video productions quickly and easily.

There are many effects available that allow you to add a specific color and style to your videos, but you can take it a step further by adding special effects like a TV screen or electricity. Simply drag and drop into your clip and modify the parameters.

While they’re a bit limited and basic, you can also use dynamic text animations and transitions. Still, Red Giant Universe offers plenty of creative possibilities for video editors of all levels.

Boris FX Mocha

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The Boris FX Mocha Pro plugin is a powerful tool for motion tracking and masking. Popular for its robust capabilities, Mocha simplifies complex and challenging tracking scenarios, making it super easy to integrate graphics, effects, and text into your footage.

With its planar tracking technology, you can use Boris FX to ensure precise tracking and pro results.

Improved Workflows and Collaboration

Complete projects quicker and more efficiently and make your teams more productive with these plugins.


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Next, we have the Excalibur plugin from the Knights of the Editing Table. Thanks to its intuitive interface and customizable shortcuts, it speeds up your workflow and boosts your productivity. You can set up a wide variety of intelligent shortcuts combining commands and effects for precise control over timelines, color grading, and effects.

Simply put, its advanced editing tools make your life easier!


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Another fantastic plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro from Knights of the Editing Table is Watchtower. It helps with project organization and version tracking, so you can collaborate easily and streamline your workflow.

Its autosync feature is fantastic! Whatever changes you make in your main folders also happen inside Premiere, including importing newly added files. Thanks to Watchtower, you don’t have to stress about organizing your projects or keeping track of file changes.


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MASV also features a file transfer plugin that integrates with Premiere Pro. It’s a must-have plugin to automate your file-transfer productivity: You can render and send your final cuts, sequences, bins, specific files, or your whole project directly from Premiere Pro to your clients and other team members using MASV.

And with MASV, size doesn’t matter: It delivers your heavy media instantly and reliably without worrying about speed transfers or security. Just add your recipients, protect your files with a password, and MASV takes care of the rest—even if your network is unreliable.

It will send your large files in the background while you focus on finishing other parts of your work, or take a well-deserved rest. And because MASV is super reliable with checksum verification and relentless retries in case of an interruption, you won’t even have to supervise the transfer.

Boost Your Productivity With Premiere Pro Plugins

As video pros, we could all use a little help to work more efficiently and create better videos. With Premiere Pro plugins for just about anything—including repairs and improvements, color grading and styles, VFX/motion graphics, and improved workflows and collaboration—you can enhance your post-production workflow and let your creativity run wild.

Once you’re done editing your masterpiece, get it where it needs to go with MASV, the fastest, safest, and most reliable large file transfer solution. Sign up for MASV today and get 20GB of free data to try it out!

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