Mathew Sobkowicz

Mathew Sobkowicz

Head of Customer Success

About Mathew

Mathew is an experienced Sales Engineer with over 10 years of experience. He is our Head of Customer Success while also handling data analysis to better understand how customers use MASV and what we can do to make MASV a better user experience.

Mathew has been with MASV since the beginning leading some of the initial SEO strategies and customer success before onboarding newer members of the MASV family to help out.

Career Highlights

Mathew has had the opportunity to travel all around the world to visit and showcase technologies to current and potential customers.

Mathew has also presented and assisted in the closing of deals for Fortune 100 companies.

Before MASV, Mathew was a Senior Sales Engineer with LiveQoS since 2009.


Personal Interests

Mathew is an automotive enthusiast. He has always enjoyed working on cars and hopes to one day pass on those skills to his 2 young boys. He is a DIY repair enthusiast, anywhere from electronics to home repairs. He loves tools.

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