Opus Agency Customer Story

Jesse Farmer from Opus Agency

“Finding MASV was a hallelujah moment for our media transfer needs.”

– Jesse Farmer, Media Manager, Opus Agency


⭕️  Transferring large video files from virtual events to remote editors and stakeholders.

⭕️  Organizing file deliveries on a project-by-project basis.

⭕️  Expensive per-seat subscription pricing offered by other transfer solutions.

⭕️  Consolidating all deliveries into a central storage for better collaboration.

Solutions (Via MASV)

✅ Deliver files of any size across MASV’s network of 300 private global servers for fluid remote collaboration.

✅  Spin up a custom MASV Portal for each project in seconds.

✅  MASV’s flat PAYG fee of $0.25 for every GB downloaded is easy to budget for and invoice back to the client.

✅  Connect a third-party cloud storage to any MASV Portal and automatically receive files in said storage.

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Who is Opus Agency?

Opus Agency delivers premier experiences—in person, online, and everywhere in between—for 13 of the world’s top 20 most valuable brands. They partner with rambunctious brands that advance how each of us engages our world, along with a collection of fast-growing category creators, to bring people together and capture possibility in the unimagined next. 

Providing strategic, creative, event management, and production services, Opus Agency delivers leadership meetings, sales kickoff meetings, user conferences, product launches, trade shows, exhibits, road shows, and incentive meetings. Client engagements include Dreamforce, SAP TechEd, Microsoft Inspire, and Defy Cancer.

We sat down with Media Manager Jesse Farmer and Senior Solutions Analyst Matt Agrell to discuss why Opus uses a solution like MASV, how it fits the company’s workflow, and why MASV has been a boon for its large file transfer needs.

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The Need for Flexible File Transfer

Video meeting

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Like every company who depended on live events for its pre-pandemic bread and butter, Opus Agency pivoted to a virtual model for much of 2020. Farmer says that transformation, while very successful, also resulted in an immediate and increased need for transferring large video files from virtual events to editors and other stakeholders.

But previous large file transfer solutions didn’t have the agility or flexibility Opus Agency needed to handle this new reality. Prior solutions had been difficult to integrate, weren’t intuitive to use, and charged expensive per-seat subscription fees that didn’t especially suit their project-based business.  

Indeed, Agrell says despite the increased need for large file transfer during the pandemic, Opus’s event business has always relied on video to some extent – and will continue to do so as in-person soirees come back.

“Picture a Las Vegas convention hall,” he explains. “We’ll have multiple cameras shooting, we’re there for days, and by five o’clock on Friday every piece of equipment needs to be out of the space. At that point, everybody’s on a plane home. So the data has to be out of the room by the time we’re done.”

Having that kind of agility with super-large video files had always been a challenge, Agrell says, until switching to MASV.

Fast, Flexible File Transfer

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Efficiency On-Demand

Opus Agency Microsoft Inspire Event

Microsoft Inspire Event

MASV now allows Opus Agency to handle the above use cases – and more – with relative ease. MASV “allows us to do that more efficiently than other tools,” explains Agrell of the convention hall example, adding that individual MASV Portals can quickly be spun up for each event as required. 

The company now deploys customized MASV Portals for large projects involving the transfer of huge media files across multiple locations. It combines its use of Portals with the MASV web app’s everyday user interface for more routine transfers between video editors, producers, and other stakeholders. 

It’s all tied together by MASV’s seamless integration with Opus Agency’s cloud storage platform – meaning staff at the agency don’t have to lift a finger to get large video files sent through MASV added to its file management system. “MASV helped us cut out some of the extra work that’s involved in making sure everything gets to where it needs to be,” explains Farmer.

“When we started using MASV, it was amazing,” Farmer says. “We didn’t have to deal with any more questions or problems from creators or our video editors. So it’s fantastic for us.”

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MASV + Opus Agency: A No-Brainer

Opus Agency Sales Cloud Trailblazing Women event

Sales Cloud Trailblazing Women event

Farmer says the main reason Opus Agency switched to MASV was its flexibility – and that it hasn’t disappointed. “The flat fee, the lack of user seat costs, the fact that we can use a Portal or just have a plug-and-play option for end users – finding MASV was a hallelujah moment for our media transfer needs,” he says, adding that MASV’s pay-as-you-go payment model makes project budgeting a breeze.

“A flat fee per gigabyte makes it so much easier,” he says. “We can estimate that a project is going to need several terabytes of data transferred, and producers can get that in the budget ahead of time instead of breaking it out based on some annual or monthly account cost.”

Now, Farmer says the agency’s MASV users – whether they’re working a virtual, in-person, or hybrid event – can get up to speed on how to use the platform in minutes, and have quickly come to depend on MASV’s fast speeds and reliability. 

“And it was remarkably cheaper, as well, in terms of the actual transfer costs. So it’s pretty much a no-brainer,” he explains. “We use MASV when we want to make sure the file transfer gets done as quickly as possible.”

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