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Think Out Loud Studio + Customer Story

Casey Schendel

Casey Schendel

Founder and Head of Production, Think Out Loud Studio

“(MASV) is the easiest thing ever. It’s just the best.”

The Client

Think Out Loud Studio is a creative content agency specializing in video production, photography, and digital branding. It was founded in early 2020 by creatives and producers who previously worked for major brands including Airbnb, Tesla, DJI, and Apple, and offers creative direction and development services, video production, photography, VFX, color grading and other post-production work. Despite the agency having been founded relatively recently, Think Out Loud’s gold-plated client list already includes Snowflake, Postmates, Aurora, Draco Motors, and Skip Scooters, among many others.

Think Out Loud Studio team

The Partner

MASV’s integration with means it’s now easier than ever for clients such as Think Out Loud to transfer content into the video workflow platform. MASV Portals provide a simple drop-link service where anyone with an internet connection, anywhere on Earth, can easily send you large files. Set up as a destination behind a MASV Portal, and your contributors’ files will be automatically delivered directly to your account — no logins for contributors required. logo

Collect Footage Directly Into

Video collaboration is a team sport. MASV Portals makes it faster than ever to get your team’s footage into

The Challenge

Being an agency founded relatively recently, Think Out Loud spent much of 2020 building its workflows and evaluating potential tools and services in a video production and post-production world that had gone remote practically overnight. The agency spends much of its time coordinating projects between clients, film crews, remote editors, motion designers, and other video professionals around the world – always on a deadline – and needs tools to simplify and expedite this process. 

Their main requirement for a large file transfer service? It just had to work, with no hassles – a surprisingly rare feature in their experience, explains founder and Head of Production Casey Schendel.

Schendel says the company had test-driven multiple large file transfer solutions prior to trying MASV, but each time ended in frustration for both them and their clients. “The amount of times that we’ve tried Dropbox, or a client shares a file on Dropbox, or a Google (solution) and then the downloads fail – it was really frustrating,” he says. “I remember on Google Drive if we had too many uploads or downloads going concurrently, something was going to fail.”

Think Out Loud needed a large file delivery service that was fast, reliable, and dead-simple to use for multiple teams around the world – and that could deliver not only massive files, but multiple files concurrently and in an automated fashion. And if this solution was integrated with, then so much the better.

Red Komodo 6k camera

The Solution

The Think Out Loud team had one reaction after trying MASV: “Oh my God, this is the easiest thing ever. It’s just the best.”

We just love that reaction! MASV’s ability to easily send and receive absolutely massive files blew Schendel and his team out of the water. Think Out Loud now uses the MASV desktop app combined with fully branded MASV Portals, where partners or clients can upload as much content as they can shoot for free without a login. MASV Portals’ automated file deliveries and recoveries in case of network interruptions allow users to let file deliveries “cook overnight,” as Schendel puts it, rather than babysitting transfers in case of a hiccup. “When it’s done, it directly emails the client or our team member we’re working with.” 

MASV’s integration with even further simplifies the company’s file transfer workflow, especially from the client or partner side, who simply upload their files to Think Out Loud’s MASV Portal. All the agency needs to do is send their clients or partners a link to the Portal. The uploaded files are then automatically transferred to their account without anyone having to lift a finger. 

“And then from there we can easily share it with anyone working on the project,” he explains.  “No matter where they have their files – which could be anywhere, from a storage service to a local machine – MASV can get them where they need to go.”

“It’s just super straightforward, and we don’t have to spend time troubleshooting or working with clients on how to actually transfer files.”

The Results

The combination of MASV and provides “a seamless experience for any clients, contractors, or team members we’re working with – it helps keep the project moving along, whether we’re getting first looks at content or doing live reviews over Zoom,” Schendel says. Think Out Loud now uses as its repository for all its video content and MASV as its large file transfer service, which makes for “such a seamless and easy experience for everyone involved.”

Other benefits Think Out Loud has realized from MASV and include:

  • It saves time. “We did this super-long project that could easily have required four or five long emails on ‘how do you do this?’ or ‘Where do I put that?’ It’s just super straightforward, and we don’t have to spend time troubleshooting or working with clients on how to actually transfer files.”
  • It saves aggravation. “Removing the complexity of us having to deal with different file transfer platforms has been great. We tell our clients and partners: ‘Whatever you have, get it up through MASV and we’re set to go.’”
  • It allows for easier international collaboration. “I have teams working in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and a few other places,” says Content Director Avery Bazan. “And to be able to draw from anywhere in the world allows us to deliver a better product for the client, because some of these things we simply wouldn’t have been able to afford if we were only working with people in Los Angeles or San Francisco. So it has enabled us to create better products.”

Think Out Loud now uses this ease of international collaboration as a way to market and grow its own business, both through its ability to produce higher-quality products and access talent from around the world. “We’re leveraging MASV and to build our business,” says Schendel. “You go where the best talent is, and we’re now able to say we have access to talent across the country and internationally.

“We don’t need to have team members be local anymore, because we have these two tools to access and easily transfer footage and files.”

“We’re leveraging MASV and to build our business. You go where the best talent is, and we’re now able to say we have access to talent across the country and internationally.”

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