MASV For Media Delivery Industry

For the pros in Media Delivery Industry, MASV can send and receive huge video files, at blazing speeds, with multiple partners from anywhere in the world.

Media Delivery Pros Love MASV Because


It’s Simple

In a deadline-driven environment, the last thing anyone needs is hours of training on a complex system.

It Easily Handles Huge Files

With 4K video the standard and 8K not far behind, media pros need a delivery platform that sends and receives huge files quickly and easily.

The Data Crush Is Growing

Media professionals and companies typically receive ingests and deliver several terabytes of data per day.

It Causes Fewer Firewall Headaches

MASV’s acceleration technology is less likely to be blocked by IT in commercial locations and huge arenas.

It’s Like Pressing “Fast Forward” On Your File Transfer

MASV is designed for speed. It can send files as fast as your Internet connection can handle, without worrying about bandwidth throttling or complex bandwidth control systems. Its global accelerated cloud network allows you to quickly transfer huge files across the country, or the world.

Browser based technology works like a breeze for media professionals.

MASV Is Browser-Based, With No Annoying Setup Required

Since MASV runs on a web browser, there are no software downloads or plugins required for users to get up and running. Just sign up and send files immediately.

MASV Can Resume Uploads As Soon As You’re Back Online

MASV’s powerful upload technology automatically recovers from Internet speed drops. So you can focus on the next item on your to-do list, instead of babysitting your file transfer until it is done. Our global network of dedicated MASV servers intelligently determines the optimal file delivery path, for the highest possible speed, and sends you and your recipient(s) a notification upon transfer completion.

MASV is robust enough to recover from your stalled uploads automatically and send you notification as soon as the transfer is complete.

Media professionals trust MASV to deliver their files on time.

MASV Scales Effortlessly, Along With Your Business

There are no expensive or complex hardware or software upgrades necessary to keep pace as your business grows. MASV is scalable, right out of the box. So if your data levels or number of vendors or partners climbs dramatically, MASV can ensure every delivery is completed on time, regardless of location.

Your Transfers Are Always Secure With MASV

MASV is deployed across highly secure (MPAA certified) cloud infrastructure providers such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Transfers are encrypted both in flight and at rest using TLS encryption, and are further bolstered by overlapping application security measures. MASV users can also send password-protected transfers.

MASV fast file transfer is secure and is powered by Amazon Web Services

MASV Works For The Media Delivery Industry

Several other performance and user experience advantages make MASV perfect for media delivery professionals:


It’s Uber Reliable

Nearly 50,000 media professionals trust MASV to deliver their files on time, every time.

It’s Super Simple To Use

No technical skills required. If you can use email, you can use MASV with no training or tutorials required.

Brand It How You Want

Brand client or partner Portals or emails, so you can market your firm while also doing client work.

On-Time Deliveries, Guaranteed

If your delivery doesn’t arrive on time and it’s MASV’s fault, we’ll refund your money.


MASV Is Everywhere

Because there’s no software to install, you can use MASV from any computer, anytime, anywhere in the world.

"I think MASV has huge potential. No plugin and no port issues are absolute music to my ears!"

olly strous

Olly Strous

Head of Post Production – ITN

“I was really sold on the pay as you use it model. This is very attractive to us as we never know how much data we will use or what method the client will want to use to deliver the files. So having the ability to say we can send big files fast but it will cost you x amount is great!”

tony greenwood 1

Tony Greenwood

Technical Director – Core Post

We already use MASV as our only transfer option for all large and finished client files because it's quicker and easier than any other platform we have used, simple as that.

Nick 4 2

Nick Stevenson

Producer – Cadre Productions

“Sharing large files with clients has always been one compromise after another. MASV simplifies all of that and makes file transfer both effortless and blazing fast!”

Garrett Sergeant

Garrett Sergeant

CTO – Simple DCP

Send Your Next File With MASV