Send Large Files to Microsoft OneDrive with MASV

Save time by sending your files directly to your OneDrive account with MASV’s OneDrive integration.


No more downloading files from MASV only to re-upload to cloud storage. Simply visit your MASV download page and select “Save to…” to send your large files directly to OneDrive.

Send large files to OneDriev

Everything you need to know about sending files to OneDrive

Where do my files go?

When you save your files to OneDrive, a folder called “MASV” will be created in the home directory of your OneDrive account; which can be found in the “My Files” page in the menu. A subfolder with the package name will be created inside of “MASV” and your files will be stored there, retaining their original file structure.

Save files to OneDrive
Do I have to stay on the download page while transferring files?

No. You can feel free to leave the download page while the file transfers in the background. However, keep in mind that you won’t be able to monitor progress or be notified if there’s an issue.

Do I have to subscribe to Office365?

No. Subscribing to Office365 is not required; however, for storage over 5GB either OneDrive plan or Microsoft365/Office365 plan will be necessary.

Are both Personal and Business Microsoft 365 accounts supported?

Yes. Both Personal and Business Microsoft accounts are supported.

Do transfers to OneDrive count towards the MASV Download Limit? Will they be locked out once the limit is reached?

Yes, transfers to OneDrive are counted the same as if you choose to download the files to local storage. Once the download limit has been reached it will prevent new downloads via the browser or to OneDrive.

Is there a file size limit?

OneDrive limits individual files to 250GB in size.

Are there storage limits?

Storage limits depend on the OneDrive plan you have. Free accounts include up to 5GB of storage. Both Personal and Family paid plans can include up to 1TB of storage per person.

Business accounts storage limits vary, consult Microsoft’s 365 plans for more information.

I received a security warning. What is this?

Depending on your OneDrive security settings, you may receive a message notifying you that your MASV account has been connected.

There’s no action required, this is a standard message anytime you grant any application access to your account.

Automatically Upload Files to OneDrive

MASV Portals simplify how you upload files to OneDrive, and save you time by automatically sending files to your cloud storage. Connect your OneDrive account to your MASV Portal today and benefit from:

  • The fastest way to upload files to OneDrive
  • Securely receive files and folders from external contributors, without sharing access to your OneDrive account. Add password protection to your Portal for extra security.
  • Upload files and folders of any size
  • The easiest way to receive files from anyone, anywhere in the world. Simply send a link to your custom-branded MASV Portal to contributors.
Upload files to OneDrive

Send your large files to Microsoft OneDrive

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