How to Upload Large Files to Box with MASV

Transfer and migrate massive files up to 15 TB to Box with secure MASV Portals.

Try the Box integration with MASV today.

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Exceed Box’s upload limit (250 MB to 150 GB) and transfer up to 15 TB per file at once.


Upload files and folders from external users without a Box account.


Thanks to MASV Portals, you can automate file deliveries into your Box storage.

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“I recommend MASV to everybody. I’ve recommended it to so many freelancers and filmmakers, and not just at post facilities. It’s an absolute necessity to survive in this business.”

— Sheila Lynch, Operations Manager, Hell’s Color Kitchen

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The Problem:

I can’t upload very large files to Box.

As a media and entertainment professional, your workflow consists of uploading and storing huge files. Box is a great cloud storage solution that also offers many other robust features (e.g. collaboration), but it’s lacking in terms of upload size. Box has a file upload limit of 150 GB — and that’s only if you pay for an Enterprise Plus account.

The Solution:

MASV’s Box Integration: The best way to upload large files and migrate files into Box.

With MASV, you can create a MASV Portal to upload large files to Box — we’re talking about a 15 TB file limit!

A MASV Portal is a secure upload portal that connects to your Box account. This cloud integration allows for the accelerated ingest of large files into Box storage without having to enter login credentials.

Just share a Portal link with those you want to receive files from, and watch as the files appear in your Box account.

Say goodbye to inconvenient file upload limitations forever with the MASV x Box integration.

Who is Box?

Box is a secure cloud storage platform built for the entire content lifecycle; from file sharing to co-editing, signature, and retention. Video professionals use it to share media, collect feedback, and deliver finished work.

Who is MASV?

MASV is a secure file transfer tool designed to deliver heavy media files over the cloud, fast. It’s trusted by thousands of media pros to move raw footage, proxy files, and large file formats between teams and clients.

How to Integrate Box with MASV?

Setting up Box with MASV is a simple integration that only takes a few minutes. To get started, read our in-depth help guide.

1. Create a new Box app in the Box Developer Console

2. In MASV, visit the Cloud Integrations page.

3. Select Box as a cloud integration and click Upload App Settings.

4. Name your cloud integration and hit Connect.

The MASV Advantage 🏆

More reasons why MASV is what you need to upload large files to Box.


Create as many Portals — and as many cloud integrations — as you need to get the job done (at no extra charge).


When you link Box with a MASV Portal, all files are delivered into your Box storage automatically.


MASV has TLS 1.2 encryption on all file deliveries in-flight. We also have AES-256 encryption for files at-rest.


Add an extra layer of protection to all Portal deliveries by setting an upload and download password.


You don’t need special software to create a Portal or integrate MASV with Box. Everything can be done in a browser window.

View Transfer History

Keep track of deliveries with a detailed ledger of every file you receive via a MASV Portal.

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Try The MASV x Box Integration

Join other media and entertainment teams who already use the Box integration with MASV to ingest large videos and images, fast.

Sign-up for a MASV account and we’ll give you 20 GB for free to test things out.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I transfer files using Box?

For files up to 150 GB (Enterprise Plus account), you can drag and drop your files to Box and create a shareable link.

How do I transfer large files using Box?

For individual files that far exceed Box’s file upload limits, up to 15 TB, use MASV Portals to upload files directly into your Box account.

Is Box a secure file transfer?

Box offers seven different permission levels and the ability to manage folder and file permissions. Create expiration dates on shared files, enable optional password protection, and set link controls such as “people with the link,” “people in your company,” or “invited people only.” Box is also compliant with regulations like HIPAA, FedRAMP, and FINRA.

How does Box work for file sharing?

With Box, you can send files to anyone — even if they don’t have a Box account. Just create a shared link for that file, quickly customize the permission level, and then share directly from Box or copy the link. For much larger files up to 15 TB, you can use the MASV and Box integration.