How to Collaborate with Resilio Sync and MASV

by | April 17, 2023

Remote collaboration tools like Resilio Sync and MASV make it easy and convenient for media and production teams to share large files, like original camera files (OCF) and proxy media. You can make syncing and transferring lots of media easier by putting these solutions together.

Resilio Sync is an excellent solution for keeping your team up to date with the latest data for your post-production project. But it requires everyone on your team to have a paid license. That can be a challenge when working with remote collaborators. MASV solves this by making it easy for you to receive large, remote files. MASV is also great at sending media to remote collaborators.

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MASV and Resilio Sync Workflow Diagrams

1. Receive files from a remote contributor

remote contributor

2. Send files to a remote recipient

remote recipient

What is Resilio Sync?

Resilio Sync keeps files and folders synchronized for its users. You can use Resilio Sync to automatically back up files, share files with colleagues, and keep files up to date when collaborating on projects.

Resilio Sync

Resilio Sync runs on several platforms and devices, including laptops, NAS servers, and mobile. It turns any folder on your computer into a synchronized folder. You can share a link to your folder with anyone else in your organization who’s also running Resilio Sync.

One of Resilio Sync’s strengths is BitTorrent, a peer-to-peer network protocol for distributing files. Normally, sharing files with a small computer like a laptop or mobile device would be pretty slow. But with BitTorrent, the more users that have a file, the faster Resilio Sync can sync the file with other users. It does this by dividing a large file into segments then downloading several segments at a time from the other computers that have the same file.

Try MASV with Resilio Sync

If you already use Resilio Sync, sign-up for MASV for stronger file collaboration.

How can MASV and Resilio Sync Work Together?

Resilio Sync lets your team share files efficiently using only the computers you already have. And Resilio Sync is seamless. You can sync any folder you choose and use your applications to create and edit files like you normally would.

MASV lets remote teams transfer large amounts of data over the cloud with incredible performance and security.

Alone, both these tools are great for team and remote collaboration. Together, they are excellent complements to each other, saving you time, cost, and effort in your post-production workflow.

But how?

MASV lets you transfer files with your remote contributors directly to and from a folder managed by Resilio Sync. To make it even easier your remote contributors can do this without credentials.

Why use Resilio Sync with MASV?

Resilio Sync makes sure that your team is working on the same files. But Resilio Sync users need to install the Resilio Sync software and purchase a license. This adds inconvenience and cost when working with remote freelancers and vendors. So it’s definitely a good idea to find a way for your remote contributors to integrate into your workflow.

MASV solves these challenges:

  • MASV Portal: A secure, easy way for remote contributors to add a file to a Resilio Sync peer with no software installation and no license.
  • Automation: Send files to remote contributors when Resilio Sync stores them in a folder.
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Using MASV with Resilio Sync

To transfer files with remote contributors, you’ll need a computer or virtual machine on which you can install and run both the MASV Desktop app and Resilio Sync software.

To set up :

  1. Create a folder to receive and sync files from remote contributors.
  2. Download and install either Resilio Sync Business or Resilio Sync Home.
  3. Start Resilio Sync to set up the folder for syncing with other Resilio Sync users.
  4. Share the link for the Resilio Sync folder with your teammates. They can use this folder to transfer files with remote collaborators.
  5. Either sign-in to MASV or create an account. Create a MASV Portal.
  6. Download and install the MASV Desktop app.

To receive then sync files from remote contributors:

  1. From the Desktop app, set up a Watch Folder automation to auto-download files submitted to a Portal onto a designated folder on your computer.
  2. Select the synchronized folder as the designated folder:
  3. Share the link for your MASV Portal with remote contributors.

Your remote contributors can drop their files into the MASV Portal. They don’t need a MASV account to do so. The MASV Desktop app downloads the files from the Portal to the folder on your computer. Resilio Sync then transfers the files to the rest of your team.

To send files from a synced folder:

  1. From the Desktop app, set up a Watch Folder automation to send files that have been added to a chosen folder.
  2. Select the synchronized folder as the chosen folder:

Your teammate can drop a file into the synced folder. Resilio Sync copies the file from your teammate to the synced folder that the MASV Desktop app is watching. MASV then sends the file to the remote collaborator.

How Resilio Sync benefits from MASV

Combine Resilio Sync with MASV for faster, smoother collaboration with your remote contributors:

  • ⚡️ Lightning-fast: MASV boasts some of the fastest ingest speeds available today, including support for up to 10Gbps of network bandwidth.
  • 💪 Reliable: MASV Desktop app’s resiliency during periods of low connectivity or interruptions means your team and collaborators don’t have to manually resend files.
  • 💳 Cost effective: MASV combined with Resilio Sync means your remote contributors don’t need a Resilio Sync app on their machine, which saves on per-seat licenses.
  • Transfer history: MASV provides detailed logs of where and when files are sent or received for compliance and chain of custody purposes.
  • 🔒 Security: MASV adheres to industry-standard security practices to protect your work.

Faster, More Flexible File Sharing

MASV is a convenient, fast, cost-effective complement to automating media delivery for media and production teams that use Resilio Sync.

Installing MASV Desktop app and Resilio Sync on the same computer lets you exchange files with remote collaborators without the inconvenience and cost of setting them up with Resilio Sync.

To make it even easier, Resilio Sync and MASV offer free trials so you can try this solution without risk.

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