Automated Dailies Workflow with MASV, Wasabi, and iconik

by | April 6, 2023

A poorly organized dailies workflow can significantly slow down productions. Many departments require dailies to be ingested, organized, and readily available in a timely manner so they can begin their work. And with geographically dispersed teams, instant and remote cloud access to these dailies is crucial.

Fortunately, operators can streamline their dailies workflow by automating the ingest process into cloud storage and managing their assets with the help of a seamless combination of MASV, Wasabi, and iconik:

This workflow has been provided by Jordan Maltby, founder of Shadow Magic Studios, a mobile digital lab which provides dailies, LTO archiving, DCP creation, and VFX pull services for filmmakers.

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MASV, Wasabi, and iconik Workflow Diagram

an automated dailies workflow diagram featuring masv, wasabi, and iconik

What is Wasabi?

Wasabi is a cloud storage platform that integrates with MASV and is dedicated to making cloud storage an always available, always-on utility no different than electricity.

wasabi logo

Wasabi offers reserve capacity storage, pay-as-you-go object storage, cloud network attached storage (NAS), and other “hot cloud storage” products. The company describes its brand of hot cloud storage as universal, one-size-fits-all cloud object storage that offers:

  • Immediate access to data with no storage tiers.
  • Fees up to 80 percent less than traditional storage, with no egress or API fees.
  • Better performance than traditional cold or hot storage.
  • Private network options.
  • Data center redundancy and 11x9s data durability.

Wasabi also offers hybrid and multi-cloud capabilities, as well as on-prem-to-cloud and LTO tape-to-cloud data migrations and an easy integration with iconik.

What is iconik?

Backlight’s iconik is a cloud media asset management solution (MAMs) used across 19 industries that provides simple media management and collaboration over the cloud.

iconik logo white

iconik is capable of securely gathering and organizing media from any storage platform, either cloud or on-premises, so media professionals can:

  • Easily manage large volumes of media.
  • Quickly search for any media asset in their library.
  • Auto-tag and transcribe media with AI tools.

iconik also has a direct integration with MASV to receive files into an iconik library from external contributors — without sharing account credentials or creating new accounts.

As mentioned above, iconik also integrates with Wasabi cloud storage.

Introduce MASV to Your Workflow

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Why use MASV, Wasabi, and iconik Together?

MASV, Wasabi, and iconik are widely used tools by filmmakers to move, store, and manage large media assets, respectfully. Together, they create a media collaboration workflow where data can be accessed almost instantly, entirely within the cloud, by remote teams.

In this particular workflow, Shadow Magic Studios leverages the native integrations among these cloud tools to automate their dailies delivery process:

  • MASV automates the ingest of raw footage into Wasabi storage.
  • Wasabi stores media files in hot storage.
  • iconik reads, manages, and pulls data from files in storage.

Read the details of this workflow in the next section.

Workflow Description + Video

  1. Original camera files (OCF) are ingested into Shadow Magic Studios’ Magic Box, an on-set mobile dailies lab that offers multi-card transfers at up to 1,500MB/s.
  2. Two MASV Watch Folder automations kick in the moment any media reaches the Magic Box. Each folder automatically stores a version of the OCF into a Wasabi bucket. The buckets are in different regions for extra security and to create a redundancy.
  3. Shadow Magic Studios then uses an iconik-Wasabi integration to view and manage assets stored inside a Wasabi bucket through the iconik interface
  4. Shadow Magic Studios will receive requests for OCF from VFX, editorial, and conform teams; these teams typically send an edit decision list (EDL), which Shadow Magic Studios uses to find the appropriate file in Wasabi through iconik.
  5. Iconik automatically generates thumbnail video previews of these files, which Shadow Magic Studios and its clients can view for free since Wasabi doesn’t charge egress fees when pulling data.
  6. BONUS: While this workflow is in process, an on-set digital imaging technician processes dailies from the Magic Box mobile lab. Once they’re finished processing, another MASV automation automatically sends these files to a video editor.
Easy Integrations With MASV

MASV seamlessly integrates with other video productions tools such as Wasabi and iconik.

Workflow Benefits

Shadow Magic Studios has improved its dailies workflow by consolidating three separate tasks — file transfer, storage, and asset management — into one seamless, hands-free process thanks. As a result:

  • ⚡️ Faster delivery: Remote teams have access to important media files earlier.
  • 💳 Cost savings: Shadow Magic saves on operating costs thanks to MASV and Wasabi’s pay-as-you-go structure and Wasabi’s no egress fees.
  • Improved efficiency: They also have more time to focus on other tasks as everything is automated.
  • 🙌 No-code integrations: And they don’t require any technical support as MASV, Wasabi, and iconik share native integrations with one another.

Hands-Free and Intuitive Media Collaboration

Whether you’re a dailies lab like Shadow Magic Studios or provide other post-production services, you’ll save hours through MASV’s speed and reliability combined with flexible Wasabi storage and iconik media management.

If you’re already familiar with these tools, try this workflow (or a variation of it) today! If not, MASV, iconik, and Wasabi each offer free trials, so you can test things out without any commitment or up front costs.

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