Send Files Directly to Microsoft Azure Storage

In Hollywood and around the world, a growing number of organizations are choosing Microsoft Azure Storage. With MASV, you can now collect content, even from non-technical contributors, directly into your Azure Storage container. Highest file transfer speeds – no headaches.


What is it?

Microsoft Azure storage is durable and highly available; Data in Microsoft Azure Storage is highly secure and accessible from anywhere in the world over HTTPS. Thanks to this great performance, an increasing number of MASV customers and media & entertainment businesses are choosing Azure Storage.

How It Works

Now, with MASV Portals, it’s finally easy for everyone in your organization to leverage your investment in Microsoft Azure Storage. MASV Portals provide a simple landing page where your teams can easily upload content to your Azure storage containers with no log in or tech support headaches. It’s simple enough that anyone on your team can use it. Learn more about Azure blob Storage.

MASV Portals are optimized to ingest virtually unlimited volumes of data to your Azure blob storage at the highest speed and reliability.

Get Started

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Start a free MASV Trial

MASV Portals can be configured within MASV’s 7-day, 100GB trial period. It’s free and no payment or credit card is required.


Set up a Portal

Design the Portal of your choice by following our 4 easy steps. Choose a name, add your own branding and you’re ready to go.


Configure Microsoft Azure Storage container

Create a new Azure Cloud Integration and add your account information. Once finished, simply link your Azure Storage Container to the Portal and you are good to go — contributors can now be invited to submit files to your Portal.


That’s it!

Contributors will upload files and they’ll automatically deliver to your Azure Container. You’ll receive notifications of transfers sent and completed via email or Slack — so you can go do something else.

Exclusive Features

MASV simplifies how you upload to Azure storage, and gives you time-saving tools to manage your transfers. MASV provides you with

  • Automation for each of your active MASV Portals. Set rules to automate deliveries into your Azure Storaage container so no one ever has to click a download button
  • A dashboard view to configure/delete automation
  • A quick-view menu for easy status checks on your automation
  • Blazing-fast delivery to Microsoft Azure storage

Satisfied Clients

Thousand GB Transferred


Increased Revenue

Frequently Asked Questions: MASV Delivery to Azure Storage

What is a Portal?

A MASV Portal is an easy way to receive content from non-technical people. Users do not require a MASV account to send you files. 

How do I set up a MASV Portal?

You can read our support documentation on the exact steps required to create your own Portal today.

How do I automate deliveries into Azure Storage?

By setting up a Microsoft Azure Cloud Integration, you can then link any Portal you have or create, directly to save files into your Azure Storage.

Can I save to Azure Storage from a MASV Download page?

At the moment, no. MASV only supports saving into a Microsoft Azure Storage using our Cloud Integrations. You can have packages saved directly into your storage using a Portal or you can save files already on MASV using the “Send Package to Cloud” option.


It’s quicker and easier than any other platform we have used, simple as that.

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