Run MASV Large File Transfer Service on Docker

Automate everything with the MASV Agent in a Docker Container. It’s the fastest, easiest way to deploy self-hosted file transfer workflows on any hardware.

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MASV Has Been Dockerized

The MASV transfer agent is a fast and reliable way to leverage MASV’s industry-leading transfer speeds in a server environment. And now, with Dockerization, it’s easier to deploy transfer workflows regardless of hardware. That means you can build your own branded, self-hosted large file-sharing solution using a Docker Container.

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Fast file transfer in Docker

Get Started Quickly and Easily

MASV file transfer is available on Docker Hub. To get started, just pull the container image and deploy it. You’ll be ready to go in less time than it takes you to grab a cup of coffee.

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The MASV Transfer Agent, Dockerized

Think of the MASV transfer agent as a remote-controlled version of our desktop app, without the user interface. It gives developers the ability to interact with the MASV file transfer API while we handle the heavy lifting of client-side large file transfers, securely, reliably, and fast. 

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Transparent, Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

With MASV’s simple pricing, you’ll only ever pay for what you use. We know that usage can increase and decrease depending on things like projects and seasonality, so with MASV you only pay when you’re actually downloading files. Because who wants to pay bloated subscription fees when you aren’t even using the service?

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No Limits. Ever.

At MASV, we’re all about removing limitations so you can do your best creative work. That means you can send unlimited packages, up to 15TB in size each. Invite unlimited team members and ingest files using an unlimited number of MASV Portals.

Access the developer documentation to learn more about MASV large file transfer in Docker.

Nick Long, Salon

“MASV is like the Stripe of large file transfer – it just gives you the ability to do stuff yourself. It’s not locked down. It’s got an API. You can customize everything.”

– Nick Long, Managing Director, Salon

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