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Add Fast File Transfers to Your Application with MASV in Docker

MASV file transfer is available on Docker Hub. To get started, just pull the container image and deploy it.

Our Transfer Agent is the easiest way to deploy and scale self-hosted large file transfer workflows on any hardware.


Transfer Huge Files

Send and receive files up to 15 TB and packages of unlimited size.

Run it Anywhere

A Docker image for both x86-64 and ARM64. Deploy it in the cloud, on-premise, or on your NAS.

Integrate With Your Systems

Call the REST API from your application, scripts, or NAS.

The Challenge:

My Application Needs to Share Large Files Quickly and Securely

AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and other cloud providers have their own services for transferring large files, providing your files stay in their cloud. You have to provide your own infrastructure if your files need to enter or leave your cloud provider.

You could build your own file transfer functionality. You’ll need developer resources to tune network usage, design the UI, stay a step ahead of security threats, and make it scalable.

The Solution:

The Easy Way to Add Fast, Secure, Proven Docker File Transfer To Your Application

With MASV Transfer Agent in a container, you can add quick and secure file sharing in Docker to your application, scripts, or NAS.

The MASV Transfer Agent is a fast and reliable way to leverage MASV’s industry-leading transfer speeds in your environment:

Docker File Transfer
  • Send large files: Transfer big files up to 15 TB, with no limit on package sizes.
  • Saturates bandwidth: Works with anything from 10 GB network connections to intermittent connections, without being a network bully. Learn more about our file acceleration.
  • Encryption in-flight and at-rest: Conforms to SOC 2 and ISO 27001, complies with TPN.
  • Developer-friendly: REST API. Runs on x86-64 and ARM64, ready to launch in your preferred cloud provider, on-premise hardware, or NAS.
  • Transparent pricing: There are no licensing fees. Try it out for free, then choose a pricing plan that fits your budget and usage.

Focus On Your Workflow

Let MASV do the heavy lifting so you can put your developer resources to better use.

Fast, Secure, Proven

MASV uses proven technologies, industry-standard security, and an accelerated network.

Uncomplicated Pricing

Pay for only what your users download. Try it out for free!

MASV makes it easy and fast to add Docker file sharing to your application, scripts, or NAS.

How to Use MASV Transfer Agent in Docker

For more details, see our Developer page or visit the Docker hub.

1. In a terminal, pull the MASV Docker image.

$ docker pull masvio/transfer-agent

2. Launch the container.

$ docker run -it --rm \
-p 8080:8080 \
-e TZ=UTC \
-v /path/to/your/config:/config \
-v /path/to/your/data:/data \

3. Call the MASV API.

$ curl -X POST http://DOMAIN:8080 …
$ curl -X GET http://DOMAIN:8080 …

What is Docker?

Docker is software that lets developers automate how services are packaged, installed, and executed. This makes it easy to run the same service in the cloud, your on-premise server, and even your NAS.

Who is MASV?

MASV is a secure file sharing tool designed to accelerate large file transfers over the cloud. It is trusted by users worldwide to speed up the delivery of large files.

Recommended Features

Discover other MASV features that you can add to your application:

MASV Portals

A Portal is a customizable, user-friendly way for your collaborators to send you files. You can request, collect, and organize files from anyone.

View Transfer History

Track inbound and outbound deliveries with a detailed ledger of your MASV transfer history.

MASV Teams

Organize the people who share files with you into teams for billing or tracking projects.

Related Integrations

With your application connected to MASV Transfer Agent in a container, you’re ready to integrate with all the other solutions that MASV works with.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MASV Transfer Agent?

MASV Transfer Agent is a cross-platform service that manages file transfers to and from the MASV network. Your application or scripts interact with it via REST API calls. It supports uploading and downloading multiple packages simultaneously, while abstracting away filesystem interactions, encryption, and other complexities.

The recommended way to deploy and run MASV Transfer Agent is in Docker.

Where can I run MASV Transfer Agent in Docker?

The Docker image for MASV Transfer Agent runs anywhere you can run Docker, like your cloud provider, your on-premise servers, or even your NAS. The Docker image is multi-platform for x86-64 and ARM64.

If you run your MASV container in the cloud, make sure your cloud provider lets you mount volumes to store the files you want to send or receive.

How does MASV work?

MASV is a cloud-based store-and-forward service. When you send a file, MASV Transfer Agent sends it to the MASV network where it is stored. To receive the file, MASV Transfer Agent downloads it from the MASV network storage.

To accelerate transfers, MASV uses a combination of techniques and technologies, including using regional data centers and splitting transfers into chunks to saturate network bandwidth.

MASV encrypts your files in flight and at rest. We adhere to industry standards for security, including SOC 2, ISO 27001, and TPN.

What’s the maximum size of the files that I can transfer with MASV?

You can transfer files up to 15 TB each. Packages can be unlimited in size.

How much does MASV cost?

MASV pricing is as simple as we could make it.

  • No licensing: There is no licensing fee for MASV in Docker and no licensing per user or connection.
  • Downloads only: We charge you for egress from the MASV network.
  • Unlimited storage: You get free, unlimited storage in the MASV network for up to 10 days, depending on the pricing plan you choose. After that, we charge a reasonable fee per GB per month.
  • You can even try MASV for free!
Instantly Add Large File Transfer to Your Application

Deploy MASV Transfer Agent in a Docker container