MASV Adds Multi-Factor Authentication and New Enterprise Security Features

by | February 14, 2024

MASV Cloud Content Exchange Improves Data Protection and Simplifies Security for Terabyte-Scale File Transfers

February 14, 2024  – Ottawa, Canada – MASV (, the fastest large file transfer solution for media organizations, today announced the introduction of the much-awaited roll-out of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), a critical security feature. MASV also announced a new enterprise collaboration feature, Teamspaces, for collaborative work. These new security features, combined with MASV’s SSO and robust file encryption, further enhance MASV’s reputation for secure file transfer, further reinforcing MASV’s commitment to data protection and security compliance. 

Digital security is paramount, and with the addition of MFA, MASV unblocks a wide variety of media organizations that are moving away from last-generation on-prem transfer technologies in favor of more secure cloud solutions. These latest enhancements are set to solidify MASV’s reputation as the leading file transfer solution for media and entertainment.

“Our goal is to equip our users with a fortress of data protection while maintaining the convenience MASV is known for,” said Greg Wood, CEO of MASV. “MASV is continuously reinforcing our security, much as we are working with customers to continuously improve the MASV cloud content exchange. Customers worldwide are recognizing the benefit of cloud transfer compared to the plodding, unresponsive nature of incumbent on-premises file transfer tools. The progressive introduction of SSO, MFA, and Teamspaces is representative of how the cloud can improve security, convenience, and affordability in one platform.”

A Triad of Security for Unmatched Protection

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): MASV’s commitment to safeguarding data is exponentially strengthened by affording team administrators the capability to activate MFA mandates across their entire team.

Teamspaces: MASV’s new Teamspaces feature establishes new private sub-teams, allowing for enhanced file-sharing confidentiality. Teamspaces are invite-only, granting visibility of files to a select group, thereby improving data governance and security.

Single Sign-On (SSO): SSO improves your team members’ productivity by reducing the time they must spend signing in and dealing with passwords.

A Vision for the Future of Secure File Transfer

MASV aligns with compliance standards including TPN, ISO 27001, SOC 2, GDPR, PIPEDA, and HIPAA. Further demonstrating its commitment to security, MASV is set to receive TPN Gold certification by Spring 2024.

Majed Alhajry, CTO of MASV, stated, “These additions reflect our goal of offering the most secure and compliant file transfer platform on the market. With global threats on the rise, we’re ensuring MASV customers stay ahead of the curve. Our upcoming TPN Gold certification is evidence of this relentless commitment.”

MASV’s comprehensive suite of security features reflects our pledge to equip media and entertainment professionals with leading-edge tools that secure data against an ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.

Other new features from MASV this month:

  • Added Korean language support
  • Improved pagination performance
  • MASV Desktop app (Windows, Mac & Linux) added support for uploading to Teamspaces
  • MASV desktop app adds the option to download from all Portals with a single Portal Download automation
  • Improved download efficiency

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