MASV Revolutionizes Ingest with Automated Web Tools for Cloud, Hybrid, and Virtual Storage

by | June 20, 2024

Securely Ingest Data From a Browser Into Any Shared Storage Destination With Less Friction and Admin Overhead

June 20, 2024—Ottawa, Canada—MASV (, the fastest large file transfer platform for media professionals, is excited to announce an innovative new solution to centralize and automate the ingest of huge data volumes into any shared storage destination through a browser.

Remote work in media workflows is more efficient but has created a complex storage ecosystem with varied cloud and on-premises options that are difficult for media and IT teams to manage and scale without friction.

MASV has solved this problem with the introduction of Centralized Ingest.

Centralized Ingest for Cloud, On-Prem, and Hybrid Storage

Centralized Ingest is a simple browser-based tool that connects with on-premises device storage like a SAN or NAS, virtualized block storage (e.g. Amazon EBS), or any number of cloud storage and media asset management platforms—and leverages automation to ingest incoming assets.

It’s the only product on the market that provides a secure, web-based entry point to all storage destinations, allowing users to focus more on collaboration and less on configuration.

“At MASV we believe that simplicity and clarity are keys to secure media workflows,” said Greg Wood, CEO at MASV. “No one else has the integrations, web interface access, reliability, or automations provided by MASV. The fact that anyone can start using MASV for free means these abilities are available to everyone worldwide, in seven different languages, and ready to be deployed in minutes.”

Solving Shared Storage Pain Points

With Centralized Ingest, IT and project teams are able to improve scalability while fostering greater collaboration and team autonomy.

IT can easily link MASV to their chosen cloud or hybrid on-premises storage with a few clicks, and define their preferred destination without exposing any ports to the public internet.

Project leads can then invite both internal and external teams to upload data into connected storage using a drag-and-drop interface, eliminating the need for individual access requests.

This seamless workflow enables IT to specify the ingest path without granting privileged access to their underlying system, protecting against external threats. Meanwhile, project teams are free to automate contributor uploads into storage and scale their operations without delays.

“In a challenging year for media and entertainment, people seek straightforward tools to achieve more with fewer resources,” said MASV CTO Majed Alhajry. “Our ingest solution prioritizes simplicity in deployment and scalability, reducing resource allocation for configuration and onboarding. Additionally, our platform guarantees high availability during storage downtime and enables users to control the ingest path to prevent misplaced files and unnecessary storage costs.”

Supported Storage

The following storage solutions are available out-of-the-box, and can be connected through the MASV Web app, with more being added throughout the year. MASV also provides a headless agent and an API for those looking to integrate a custom SAN or cloud storage.

  • On-Premises: Amazon EBS, Amazon EFS, and a variety of SAN/NAS storage devices (only available under MASV Custom Pricing plans)
  • Cloud: Amazon S3, Backblaze B2, Box, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, Lyve Cloud, Microsoft Suite (Azure, One Drive, and Sharepoint), MinIO, Perifery, PostLab, Storj, Wasabi
  • Media Asset Manager: iconik,, MediaSilo by Editshare, Reach Engine
  • Infrequent Access (IA): Glacier, Glacier Instant Retrieval, Glacier Deep Archive, Standard-IA, One Zone-IA

About MASV

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