MASV Launches Multiconnect to Power Ultra Fast File Transfers

by | August 10, 2022

MASV File Transfer and Ingest Service Now Bonds Multiple Internet Connections to Dramatically Boost Transfer Speeds

Ottawa, ON – August 10, 2022 — MASV, the world’s fastest video transfer service, today launched MASV Multiconnect, allowing anyone in the world to combine multiple internet connections to send and receive files and folders faster than ever before. No hardware or coding required.

MASV Multiconnect allows the MASV app to combine multiple internet connections, for example; 5G + Wifi, Ethernet + Starlink, or Ethernet + 5G, etc. to send and receive files at up to 3X faster speeds. Testing Multiconnect using an ethernet connection combined with a Starlink satellite connection reduced the upload time of a 1 GB file from 13 minutes to just 6 minutes—decreasing the transfer time by more than 50%.

A recent MovieLabs report draws attention to the significant problems caused by today’s increasingly complex productions, including camera resolutions well beyond 4k resolution, higher frame rates, and new video technologies like volumetric capture and multicam light fields. Further complicating matters are bottlenecks caused by internet bandwidth constraints.

In short, the volume of data will only increase from today’s standards, and the means to ingest those assets to the cloud is today inadequate to support this.

MASV is committed to making media asset ingest faster and easier, and the Multiconnect news comes on the heels of MASV’s recent 10Gbps Optimization announcement, solidifying MASV’s position as the fastest file transfer solution for video professionals.

“The shift to ultra high-definition video combined with the increase in remote work has revealed problems moving massive files due to congested, slow or no internet,” said Greg Wood, CEO at MASV. “MASV Multiconnect is a must-have for busy newsshooters on the go, film crews shooting on location, and remote workers who don’t have access to a strong or stable internet connection.”

MASV Multiconnect is available now in the free MASV desktop app for MacOS, Windows, and Linux. Learn more about MASV, and sign up for free.

Key Features of MASV

  • Maximum reliability – MASV delivers. Whether you have a 10Gbps+ connection or merely a whisper of remote connectivity, the MASV app pushes and relentlessly retries to make sure your files get through at maximum speed.
  • Bandwidth controls – If you have multi-gig internet, MASV can fill your pipe, but it also allows you to regulate and schedule bandwidth and respect other traffic on your network.
  • No transfer limits – With MASV, you can transfer multi-terabyte files and folders, with no hidden caps, limits or speed reductions.
  • Global Performance – MASV performance is consistently fast worldwide, with more than 300 edge nodes deployed around the globe.
  • MASV Cloud Integration – Deliver locally or into your preferred cloud storage, including Amazon S3, Backblaze, Wasabi, Dropbox, and more
  • Security – All transfers are fully encrypted at rest and in flight. MASV has passed a TPN security review. ISO27001/SOC2 coming soon.
  • Simple – The simplicity of MASV means that every team member can use a web or desktop app to make transferring files easy

MASV encourages reviews and benchmarking. Contact us for details.

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About MASV

MASV is a faster, better way to send and receive large files. Easily transfer massive (20GB+) files to anyone, anywhere in the world. Unlike other file transfer services, MASV has no subscription fees or package size limits and delivers blazing fast transfer speeds across the world. MASV is based in Ottawa, Canada. Learn more and try MASV for free.

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