MASV Launches World-First 10Gbps Video Transfer Performance

by | June 2, 2022

MASV Transfer & Ingest Service is Now Certified For Next-Generation Ultra-fast Broadband

Ottawa, ON – June 7, 2022 – MASV, the world’s fastest video transfer service, today got even faster, announcing that it has been optimized for next-generation 10Gbps internet.

10Gbps is an emerging performance standard enabled by next-generation Fiber-Optic Internet services. MASV is the world’s first cloud transfer service to announce 10Gbps performance.

“With 10Gbps performance, MASV is opening new horizons for video production in the cloud,” said Majed Alhajry, Chief Technology Officer at MASV. “Many cloud services have been developed on low-cost, low-performance infrastructure to render freemium business models profitable. MASV’s focus on media professionals led us to build the world’s highest-performance cloud transfer platform, optimizing for speed and reliability in every way, from Apps to APIs.”

“The greatest lie UDP vendors ever told was that TCP couldn’t be fast,” said Greg Wood, CEO at MASV. “As video production moves increasingly to the cloud, browser-friendly content exchange is critical. MASV is making it faster, better and cheaper for anyone to securely move Petabytes of video by cloud – a capability that used to be the domain of enterprise IT.”

Why Most Cloud Services Are Slow

It is poorly-known that Internet speed does not correlate to high performance in cloud applications. When it comes to file transfer, above a basic level of broadband, to achieve better performance, advanced cloud routing and optimization must be applied to accelerate the transfer of massive files (100GB+). 

MASV provides end-to-end extraordinary performance in the browser, within the MASV Desktop App and within developer tools including the MASV Agent. MASV’s Pay-As-You-Go pricing perfectly aligns with the project-based business models of creative professionals, while volume pricing and custom plans provides unbeatable savings for businesses moving content at Petabyte or Terabyte scale.

“With global Internet traffic growing by an estimated 22% per year, the demand for bandwidth is fast outstripping providers’ best efforts to supply it.” – Scientific American

Key Features of MASV

  • Maximum reliability – MASV delivers. Whether you have a 10Gbps+ connection or merely a whisper of remote connectivity, the MASV app pushes and relentlessly retries to make sure your files get through at maximum speed.
  • Bandwidth controls – If you have multi-gig internet, MASV can fill your pipe, but it also allows you to regulate and schedule bandwidth and respect other traffic on your network.
  • No transfer limits – With MASV, you can transfer multi-terabyte files and folders, with no hidden caps, limits or speed reductions.
  • Global Performance – MASV performance is consistently fast worldwide, with more than 300 edge nodes deployed around the globe.
  • MASV Cloud Integrations – Deliver locally or into your preferred cloud storage, including Amazon S3, Backblaze, Wasabi, Dropbox, and more
  • Security – All transfers are fully encrypted at rest and in flight. MASV has passed a TPN security review. ISO27001/SOC2 coming soon.
  • Simple – The simplicity of MASV means that every team member can use a web or desktop app to make transferring files easy

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MASV is a faster, better way to send large files. Our ability to transfer massive (100GB+) files, plus our unique pay-as-you-go pricing model, offers unparalleled flexibility when your team has to send or receive massive files quickly. MASV is based in Ottawa, Canada.

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