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Nearly Half of Creators Say Their User-Generated Content Is Stolen by Brands, 2024 Survey Finds

by | May 27, 2024

May 27, 2024—Ottawa, Canada—MASV (, the fastest large file transfer platform for media professionals, has found that while 85% of consumers rely on user-generated content (UGC) before making a purchase, nearly half of creators who work with brands or influencers have had their UGC videos used without permission.

That’s a potentially big problem for brands who want to work with the fast-growing creator community, because nearly 95% of creators say brands should ask for permission before using their content. And nearly 70% say that brands who use user-generated video without permission aren’t trustworthy.

 “Between generative AI using copyrighted works for training purposes and content theft in the UGC market, there’s a significant and growing threat to content creators’ intellectual property rights. Content owners need to take action to assert their IP rights or they risk losing control,” said MASV CEO Greg Wood. “For brands, the risks of stealing content are significant and under-recognized. Infringing on creators’ IP creates legal risk, but the threat to a brand’s reputation and alienating the creator community may be the greater concern.”

 Other key findings of the report include:

  • Another 70% of creators said they were disappointed in the brand or influencer who used their content without permission.
  • Nearly three-quarters weren’t paid for the use of their UGC video in marketing campaigns, and around 35% hadn’t even received credit.
  • Nearly 40% of creators say they know another creator who has had their content used without permission.
  • And nearly half of creators say brands or influencers either didn’t respond when alerted to their use of unauthorized content, or only removed the content after a significant delay.
  • Despite this, nearly half of marketers indicated there is little to no risk in using a creator’s content without permission.
  • 81% of consumers find user-generated videos more trustworthy than official brand or influencer content.
  • Three-quarters of consumers indicated that they trust user-generated video more than any other type of UGC.
  • 98% of marketers plan to maintain or increase their budget for user-generated video in 2024, highlighting its prominence in marketing strategies.
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UGC Marketing In 2024 Requires Asking Permission

MASV partnered with market research firm Dynata to survey and interview more than 500 creators, marketers, and consumers across the U.S. and U.K. in April 2024. Visit the MASV website for full access to the report on the state of stolen user-generated content.

James Rubec, Head of Product at Fullintel, a media monitoring services company, explains in the report that the unauthorized use of content is too common: “It’s done by brands often. It’s done by other influencers. It’s also done by the media. It’s a major problem, and it’s an ethical and legal boundary that brands specifically shouldn’t cross.”

The report shows that brands and influencers face potentially significant reputational and even financial risk from breaking a creator’s copyright. 

But the report also shows that  brands can remove risk and liability—while scaling their content collection process—by using a content upload portal that can be embedded on any website and that includes built-in, customizable terms of service and waiver forms to remove liability. 

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