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MASV Multiconnect: Save Hours by Speeding up File Transfer

by | April 19, 2022

What is MASV Multiconnect? Well, picture this: you’re working from home and you need to upload a large batch of footage before the deadline. The file transfer is chugging along but you need it to move faster. You turn off all the other devices soaking up your bandwidth to give your transfer a fighting chance. It helps a little but what you need is more internet at the flip of a switch — AKA a bonded internet connection.

Bonded internet combines multiple internet connections to create one powerful network.

And with the launch of MASV Multiconnect as a public beta, you can do just that. 🙌

Learn how you can shed hours of delivery time with MASV Multiconnect’s bonded internet solution.👇

Table of Contents:

MASV Multiconnect

Send large files fast(er) with Multiconnect — a low-cost bonded internet solution.

How Does Multiconnect Work?

Bonded internet connects multiple sources of internet to maximize your transfer speed. For example, bonding your home internet and your phone’s 5G network. Bonded internet is often used to stabilize network-intensive tasks like live-streaming. We have applied this principle to file transfer to help move large media files — from hundreds of gigabytes to terabytes of data.

When you turn on MASV Multiconnect and combine different networks into one, you supply your transfers with more bandwidth to move faster, significantly reducing delivery time in the process.

MASV Multiconnect toggle bar

How Can I Turn On Multiconnect?

Turning on Multiconnect and leveraging the strength of a bonded internet connection is as easy as flipping a switch. Best of all, it does not require an expensive IT setup:

1. Download the MASV Desktop app

Multiconnect is only available on the MASV Desktop app. It cannot be used on a browser window. Download the desktop app.

2. Navigate to the new Multiconnect tab

To do this, go to Profile > Settings > Multiconnect.

3. Flip the ‘Enable Multiconnect’ toggle

This will show you which connections you already have enabled (the internet network you’re currently on) and which ones are available.

4. Select your ‘Available Connections’

Any networks broadcasting a signal will appear automatically. To use your phone, make sure to turn on mobile hotspot. Please note, standard data rates will apply based on your provider.

Once you’ve selected your connections, give the app a few seconds and then watch your transfer time drop as your bandwidth increases. 🔥

Want to Send Large Files Fast?

MASV sends files at max speed to over 150 data centres around the world.

Which Types of Networks Can I Connect to Multiconnect?

You can only bond networks that are different from the one you are currently using. For example, if your phone and computer are sharing the same Wi-Fi, they are on the same network. In this case, you need to use your phone’s data plan to open up a new network source for Multiconnect to work.

A sample of two different networks when using multiconnect

Think of your internet connection as a single highway with many lanes. Multiconnect opens up an entirely different highway, with its own set of lanes, that reduces the amount of traffic on your existing highway.

Examples of networks you can connect are:

  • Wi-Fi (+ Wi-Fi dongles)
  • Ethernet
  • Cellular data (3G/4G/5G)
  • Tethered smartphone
  • Satellite internet

How Much Time Will I Save With Multiconnect?

That depends on the speed of your respective connections. 

In the video example at the top of the page, Zed uploads a 300 GB file at 30 mbps. Based on his upload speed, the package will take 23 hours to complete. After turning on Multiconnect and combining a 5G network with his home internet, Zed’s upload time drops from 23 hours to just 3 hours. That’s an 86% drop in transfer time.

Use our file transfer calculator to determine how long it will take to deliver a large file or calculate the time with the following equation:

 GBs x 1024 x 8 / mbps / = X/3600 

Get Started with Multiconnect

Multiconnect is a powerful new way to move large files fast. You can use it to:

  1. Deliver rush files
  2. Jumpstart your home internet bandwidth
  3. Or speed up your transfer when you’re on-set or at a remote location

MASV Multiconnect is now available! Download the MASV desktop app.

If you do not have a MASV account yet, sign-up today and we’ll throw in 20 GB of data credits to get you started. MASV offers unlimited transfers and storage — as well as a slew of other file transfer tooling to speed up your workflow:

  • MASV Portals: A personalized share link to receive files from anyone (without the admin headaches).
  • MASV API: A robust and flexible API that can fit into any custom developer-led workflow.
  • Automation: A Watch Folder feature to easily automate file upload, download, and cloud back up.
  • Cloud Integrations: Hassle-free transfers to your preferred cloud storage, MAM, or collab tool.
  • Pay As You Go: A flexible and open pricing plan with no annual or monthly commitments.
MASV File Transfer

Get 20 GB to use with the fastest, large file transfer service available today, MASV.