Product Updates

Why Are Most Cloud File Transfer Services So Slow?

It is a poorly-known fact that internet speed does not correlate to high performance in cloud applications. Not enough internet or network congestion can influence your speed but it’s likely that your cloud file transfer service is intentionally throttling your speeds to save on costs and balance other requests.

Jim Donnelly Avatar

Jim Donnelly

Jun 1

Introducing Unlimited Storage for Instant File Backup

With Unlimited Storage, you can transfer files of any size with confidence, knowing there’s an extra copy stored in the cloud, waiting for you should you need it.

Ankit Verma Avatar

Ankit Verma

May 24

MASV Multiconnect: Save Hours by Speeding up File Transfer

When you turn on MASV Multiconnect and combine different networks into one, you supply your transfers with more bandwidth to move faster, significantly reducing delivery time in the process.

Ankit Verma Avatar

Ankit Verma

Apr 19

Work 60% Faster With the New MASV Web App

The MASV Web app has a new look and with it, a slew of new features built around speed.

Ankit Verma Avatar

Ankit Verma

Feb 14

Send Entire Project Files with the MASV Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro

The MASV Panel is a file transfer plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro. It lets you transfer media assets to an email address from inside Premiere. As a result, you can send full projects, sequences, or individual files from your bin with a few simple clicks.

Mathew Sobkowicz Avatar

Mathew Sobkowicz

Jan 25

MASV: A Year in Review

As we close out 2021 and look towards 2022, we want to say a special thank you to each and every one of you for making MASV what it is today. We hope we have made the important—and often frustrating task of data transfer just a little bit easier.

Ankit Verma Avatar

Ankit Verma

Dec 20

Schedule rate limits, generate download links upon transfer start and more updates

Recent updates to the MASV desktop app include the ability to generate share links as soon as your upload starts.

Alyssa Hanson Avatar

Alyssa Hanson

Dec 7

MASV Integrates with Microsoft Suite

With over 250 million subscribers daily active users currently using Microsoft Teams, we are excited to announce that we have integrated our file transfer tooling with the broader Microsoft Suite to improve remote collaboration.

Ankit Verma Avatar

Ankit Verma

Automated File Transfer with MASV and Docker

With the launch of our TransferAgent on Docker, the team at MASV wants to talk about automated file transfer and your file sending and receiving workflow.

Ankit Verma Avatar

Ankit Verma

Nov 9