Introducing Centralized Ingest: A Universal Uploader for Cloud, Hybrid, and Virtual Storage

by | June 20, 2024

In every media workflow, different shared storage options serve specific needs.

Hot storage allows for fast access…

Cold storage supports cost-effective media archive…

Asset managers help organize media…

SAN supports collaboration…

Each storage type has unique settings and access levels. When configured for each individual, it significantly impacts productivity. Tasks like opening new ports, purchasing extra seats, or manual uploads often slow down technical and operational teams.

Imagine a single upload tool that eliminates the need for individual access and port configuration to shared storage. A tool that seamlessly ingests to storage without compromising security or slowing down daily operations.

With that, we are excited to announce MASV’s new Centralized Ingest capability!

Centralized Ingest is a single web tool to automate data ingest into any shared storage, from hot to cold, on-premises and in the cloud—without the hassle of managing ports and permissions.

What is ‘Centralized Ingest’?

Centralized Ingest is a new solution encompassing our existing and expanded storage integrations, accessible through the MASV Web App.

Our platform has long supported cloud integrations with native connections to more than 20 providers, including Amazon S3,, Microsoft Azure, and more.

Through these integrations, you can link your team’s preferred storage as a destination for a MASV upload Portal.

Today, we’re announcing additional storage destinations that go beyond our existing cloud integrations. They are Storage Gateway for SAN and hybrid support and S3 archival classes such as Amazon Glacier.

Combined with our existing cloud integrations, MASV now allows media teams to manage all of their ingest destinations from one convenient location: a browser.

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MASV centralized ingest connects to any shared storage

Workflow Automation

Our Centralized Ingest solution simplifies storage access and acts as a powerful automation tool that automatically backs up all Portal uploads to connected storage like an S3 bucket, a folder in a SAN, a project in iconik, etc.

This functionality is a massive time-saver for project leads who are tired of manually collecting incoming files and uploading them to each storage destination individually.

Portals can have multiple storage connections, enabling a one-to-many upload workflow for increased efficiency. The connection only requires setup once and can be linked to as many Portals as necessary. Disabling it is as simple as toggling a switch.

Enhanced Security

MASV serves as a secure bridge to shared storage, eliminating the need to open ports for each user or provide broad system access.

Every time an IT administrator opens a port in their shared network, they expose it to external threats. Hackers constantly scan the internet for open ports—especially the most popular default port numbers like port 22 (SSH), 80 (for HTTP connections), and 443 (HTTPS).

If they compromise a connected device, they gain direct access to the main server.

This self-hosted file transfer approach has led to significant security breaches for Aspera and MoveIt customers.

MASV operates independently from your internal server and allows IT to define the ingest path and restrict upload access to a single bucket or folder, rather than the entire storage system, for added privacy and control.

Supported Storage

The following storage solutions are available out-of-the-box and can be connected through the MASV Web app, with more being added throughout the year. MASV also provides a Transfer Agent and an API for those looking to integrate a custom SAN or cloud storage.

  • On-Premises: Amazon EBS, Amazon EFS (only available under our Custom Pricing plan).
  • Cloud: Amazon S3, Backblaze B2, Box, Digital Ocean, Dropbox, Google Cloud, Lyve Cloud, Microsoft Suite (Azure, One Drive, and Sharepoint), MinIO, Perifery, PostLab, Storj, Wasabi.
  • Media Asset Manager: iconik,, MediaSilo by Editshare, Reach Engine.
  • Infrequent Access (IA): Glacier, Glacier Instant Retrieval, Glacier Deep Archive, Standard-IA, One Zone-IA.

Ingest to Cloud and MAM Storage

As previously mentioned, the MASV Web App offers over 20 cloud storage connections, including drives, object storage, and media asset management tools. These connections are used daily by thousands of teams to streamline file deliveries from various contributors into shared storage.

To connect a cloud storage:

  • Select the integration from a library of tools.
  • Input the required account details to set up the connection.
  • Activate the connection for each Portal and share its link with contributors.

It’s that simple.

MASV integration with
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How MASV Made Ingest Dead Simple for Think Out Loud Studios

“Oh my God, this is the easiest thing ever. It’s just the best.”

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Ingest to Hybrid and Virtual Storage

MASV now offers a Storage Gateway solution to connect to on-premises storage and virtual block storage, all managed through our browser interface.

This feature is a game-changer for larger organizations, especially those working with a SAN, who wish to avoid granting port access to every team member, freelancer, or client needing to contribute to shared storage.

Using the MASV workflow IT administrators can connect their SAN, set the ingest path, and then pass the connection to a project team. The team can use it with a Portal to ingest content from contributors without requiring individual access for each person.

This approach simplifies security for IT while allowing project teams to scale their operations effortlessly.

It’s a win-win for everyone.

MASV Transfer Agent

To initiate the connection, the IT or storage manager must install the MASV Transfer Agent on their on-premises device. This agent, a headless version of our transfer service, operates within the machine’s terminal and can be accessed through the Web App.

Connection Setup:

  1. Installation: Install the MASV Transfer Agent on the on-premises device.
  2. Access: Use the browser interface to view setup details.
  3. Verification: Paste the provided code snippet into the terminal after the agent is installed to verify the connection.

📓 Need more information? Read our step-by-step guide. >

web-based storage gateway

Once the connection is established, it appears in our Web App like any other integration. It can be activated or deactivated as needed and linked to any Portal.

Storage Gateway is available to all Enterprise plan members. Contact [email protected].

Ingest to Archival and Cold Storage

Amazon S3 provides various storage classes tailored for different purposes, including archive and cold storage options.

MASV now offers infrequent access (IA) S3 classes, such as Glacier, Glacier Instant Retrieval, Glacier Deep Archive, Standard-IA, and One Zone-IA. These storage options are ideal for archival storage needs.

When configuring an S3 cloud integration in MASV, a new section for S3 class is now available at the bottom to specify the destination further.

Ingest to aws s3 infrequent access storage with MASV

This feature is not only beneficial for archival teams. It also helps prevent misplaced costs. Many of us with access to an infrequent access storage has placed an in-progress asset there by accident.

Let’s just say it’s not cheap to get those assets out.

With MASV, you just need to set up the correct destination once to ensure that other contributors don’t make the same mistake, saving time and expense.

A Single Entry Point to Shared Storage

Given how much pressure is on media teams to deliver more content, every second saved is crucial. Dealing with access management, administration, and onboarding for various storage options can be a time-consuming task that doesn’t optimize productivity.

IT managers often find themselves overwhelmed with managing open ports and permissions to support project teams that require flexibility to scale their operations as needed.

MASV simplifies this process by allowing media teams to centralize their ingest and manage all storage destinations through a user-friendly browser interface.

  • Our platform supports over 20 cloud storage providers seamlessly.
  • We now offer a Storage Gateway solution to connect with SAN and NAS ecosystems.
  • We can also ingest data into Amazon S3’s range of infrequent access and archival storage options.

The outcome is a significant reduction in administration time, providing more room to focus on essential tasks. In other words: More collaboration, less configuration.

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