Work 60% Faster With the New MASV Web App

by | February 14, 2022

The MASV Web app has a new look and with it, a slew of new features built around speed.

We made significant changes to the front-end of MASV. Now, it’s even easier to quickly send and receive large files with MASV.

With our new high-contrast UI and simplified navigation, you can move up to 60% faster within our app. That means less time finding the right button and more time preparing files for delivery.

In addition, we made extensive updates to our back-end. As a result, we can turn out new features at a faster rate.

Here’s what’s new!

A Refreshed User-Interface

FER homepage panel

We updated the user interface with a focus on three things: speed, legibility, and ease-of-use.

A larger upload window and fewer distractions lets you focus on the task at hand: moving files.

More contrast between the background, menu items, and buttons makes the app scannable.

We grouped common elements together for straight-forward navigation. Day-to-day file transfer items (sending a file, creating a Portal, etc.) are on the left-hand side of the app. All admin functions such as ‘Team Settings’, ‘Profile’, and ‘Billing’ are on the right. Auxiliary items such as ‘Support Chat’ and ‘Refer a Friend’ are now nestled together in one spot.

Instant Download Links

Now there’s no more waiting for that 200 GB file to complete its upload before you gain access to the download URL.

In the past, a MASV download link would generate at the end of an upload. Now, the links generate instantly at the start of the upload.

To grab a download link:

  1. Upload a file or folder
  2. Select ‘Generate shareable link’ on the upload window
  3. Hit ‘Send’
  4. Copy the download link to your clipboard from the upload progress page

Teams Menu

Collaboration is a huge part of the MASV experience. Now it’s front-end centre within a new MASV menu bar, readily accessible at the top of your interface. Have multiple teams as part of your MASV account? Switch between them instantly from the homepage with our Teams Menu dropdown.

FER blog Teams UI 1

Faster Portal Creation

Creating a MASV Portal takes less time than ever before. We reduced the number of steps involved to create a Portal. We’re also introducing the ability to duplicate a Portal. Simply select the three dots () next to an existing Portal and hit ‘Duplicate’.

FER blog Portals UI

Send Upload Request ????

We know that many of you spend a lot of time herding cats. With the new Send Upload Request, you can request footage from contributors by sending an upload invitation from within MASV.

Under the same three dots () menu, you’ll see the option to ‘Send Upload Request’.

This will open up a window where you can pick an email recipient and enter a short message. Once you hit ‘Send’, the recipient will receive the request in their inbox, with a link to your Portal to upload in one-easy click.

FER blog send upload UI

Toggle Columns

Monitoring your transfer history is a now easier with, our new Toggle Columns panel. Columns lets you choose which pieces of information you want to see (upload date, size of package, recipients, etc.).

There’s also a Status Filter to view the status of your delivery from ‘In Progress’ to ‘Active’, ‘Expired’, and ‘Archived’.

Again, this makes it easier for you to scan the information on screen. It also lets you customize MASV based on your workflow.

MASV Speed Test

Team Limits

Lastly, protecting your data is of utmost importance to us at MASV. It’s why we’ve implemented Team Limits.

Team Limits lets you track the usage of your team and prevent any abusive or unexpected behavior.

If you have a credit card on file, your default limits per team are as follows:

File Delivery

  • 30 package recipients (per upload)
  • Unlimited link access
  • 7 days of free storage (check how our extended storage works)


  • 100 Portals
  • 100 members
  • 100 webhooks
  • 100 cloud integrations

If at anytime you want to increase your ‘Usage’ limits, simply email our Support team or connect with us via chat. We’ll happily increase your limits at no extra charge.

Try out the refreshed MASV Web App, today! Log-in to your account or sign-up for MASV and get 20 GB free towards your next set of transfers.

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