A Faster Datadeliver Alternative

Struggling with slow Datadeliver file transfers?

MASV is a faster Datadeliver alternative when you need a secure and reliable way to send large files.

Get The Fastest Transfer Speeds In The Industry

When you use MASV with a superfast connection like 5Gbps or 10Gbps, you can take advantage of MASV’s 10Gbps optimization. The result? A 1TB file can be transferred in about 16 minutes instead of 2+ hours on a 1Gbps connection.

Even the most expensive Datadeliver service doesn’t come close to matching these speeds. MASV is the only cloud delivery platform optimized for 10GB file transfer performance.

Total Transfer Time (Seconds) - MASV alternatives

Service tested using 5GB file transferred to and from Tokyo, Japan.

MASV is the Fastest File Transfer Service. Period.

When your files need to be delivered on time, you can trust MASV to get the job done. MASV uses a global network of over 150 high-performance servers to achieve the fastest transfer speeds. Datadeliver does not disclose its transfer speeds, which can vary from hour to hour and day to day.

Datadeliver offers a free trial, limited to only 500MB in file size. MASV imposes no file size limits. Try MASV and get a 20 GB for free when you sign up.

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Easily Receive Files From Clients

MASV makes it easy for your clients to send files to you, and it won’t cost them a thing—they don’t even need a MASV account! To send files, with datadeliver, you are restricted to the most expensive plan, which works out to 550 yen/month.

MASV has no such restrictions, you and your clients can upload unlimited files, as often as you need. You are never charged for uploading files, MASV charges only when files are downloaded. If you send a recipient a file, but it doesn’t get downloaded, you don’t pay anything!

Secure file transfer for Linux

MASV Integrates With the Cloud Services You Love

MASV has direct integrations with major cloud services such as Google Drive, Amazon S3, and Slack. The best part of all? You can integrate and manage them all at once, and it doesn’t cost extra.

When you set up integrations, your files can go directly to your cloud storage of choice, eliminating the time-consuming step of downloading a file, only to have to reupload to your cloud storage.

Datadeliver does not integrate with any service, so you have to download everything to your computer each time. This adds extra steps and time to every file transfer you send and receive.

MASV charges $0.25 for every gigabyte downloaded

Only Pay For What You Use ✅

MASV does not charge any additional fees other than the affordable rate of $0.25/GB USD downloaded. MASV does not charge for uploads.

MASV offers 20 GB for free to test the service. When you use them, you can continue to send and receive unlimited files, and you’ll only pay for what you use at $0.25/GB USD.

Don’t need to send or receive files for a month? Don’t worry! Since MASV is pay-as-you-go, you won’t need to cancel when you’re not using MASV. Datadeliver charges a monthly subscription, so you’ll pay for the service even if you’re not using it.

Moneny Back Guaranteed promise from MASV

On-Time Or Your Money Back. Guaranteed.

We understand that your business relies on your files being delivered to your recipients, often on a strict deadline.

We take this responsibility seriously. That’s why MASV guarantees that your package will be delivered on time. If for some reason we are unable to do so, we will refund your money.

Our refund policy is a sign of our confidence.

Datadeliver, on the other hand, does not offer any refunds, even in the case that their service is interrupted, suspended, abolished or changed. 

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Customize MASV to Show Off Your Brand

MASV offers a customizable interface so you can show off your brand (not ours). You can easily remove the MASV logo and upload your own logo, background, and accent colors to appear on upload pages, download pages and email notifications.

Whether you’re sending files or using MASV Portals to receive files, the look and feel are totally up to you.

Datadeliver does not offer any customization or branding options.

4 Big Reasons to Switch

Portals thumbnail

Receive Files

Large file collection made ridiculously easy.

A Portal is an upload window unique to you. Use it to receive large files, from anyone, directly to your inbox or cloud storage of choice.

Simply create a Portal, brand it to your liking, and share the URL to start receiving files immediately. The recipients of your Portal share link don’t need a MASV account or any credentials to upload files.

MASV Cloud Integrations


MASV Cloud Integration is a central hub where you can connect and manage all your cloud storage integrations.

Press one button and deliver files to your cloud — or set up an automation and avoid manual transfers altogether.

Cloud Integration communicates with your storage directly, which means you don’t have to download files to your local machine only to re-upload it to storage.

MASV custom branded Portal to receive files


With Watch Folder automations, you can designate a folder on your desktop to automatically download files delivered via MASV or trigger an upload to an email address or a MASV Portal when files are added to said folder.

A perfect solution for overnight file deliveries or sending off renders for review.

Stop babysitting file transfers and let the robots speed up your workflow. 🤖

Multiconnect Thumbnail 1200x600 1


Need that rush delivery to arrive yesterday? Give your transfers an extra boost with MASV Multiconnect.

Multiconnect gives you the power to turn on more internet by combining two or more different networks to create one network that can multiply your transfer speeds.

Combine your home or office internet with mobile data or a satellite receiver and accelerate your file transfers.

More Reasons Why MASV Is The Best Datadeliver Alternative

As if flexibility, speed and unlimited file sizes weren’t enough, here are four more reasons MASV is the top Datadeliver alternative.

Hollywood level security

MASV protects your files by providing external security visibility. All transfers are encrypted in-flight and at rest and can be password-protected. MASV has been assessed by TPN (Trusted Partner Network), a global Hollywood-recommended security assessment created by the MPA (Motion Picture Association).

Simple and Modern Interface

The interface is simple, modern, and easy for even non-technical users. Adding your custom logo, background and brand colors gives MASV a professional look when you’re working with clients. Datadeliver’s interface appears cluttered and cannot be customized.


Customer DELIGHT

Datadeliver’s customer support is only available during regular business days (Monday to Friday). This isn’t a risk you can take when your files have to get delivered. MASV customer support is available via email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to ensure you have a smooth file transfer experience.

No compression

Datadeliver requires that uploads containing multiple files must be compressed into LZH format or other formats, which is not only time consuming but also degrades the quality of high resolution and RAW video files.

MASV does not require any file compression. Not only can you transfer files faster without the need to compress and uncompress, but you will retain the full resolution and quality of your large video files.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MASV faster than Datadeliver?
When should I use MASV instead of Datadeliver?

MASV is always recommended when you need to transfer large files but you’ll benefit from the same speed and security when sending files of any size (MASV does not limit upload package size).

If you have never used MASV before, you can sign up for free and receive a 20GB file transfer credit to experience the speed for yourself.

MASV’s pay-as-you-go pricing allows you to use the service efficiently and without waste. You don’t pay when you don’t use the service.

Datadeliver does not guarantee file transfer overseas. Does MASV transfer files globally?

Rest assured, MASV is a Canadian company that supports file transfers anywhere in the world. MASV operates on a global accelerated network of over 150 servers worldwide, allowing us to achieve maximum transfer speeds in most locations across the world without the need for any software or firewall changes.

If the recipient or sender is overseas, you can use MASV with confidence. Thousands of customers already trust MASV to deliver files across the world every day.

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