A Fast Gigafile Alternative

MASV delivers a fast and reliable file transfer service without any advertisements. MASV is guaranteed to be secure and is trusted by video professionals across the world as an alternative to Gigafile.

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Get The Fastest Transfer Speeds In The Industry

When you use MASV with a superfast connection like 5Gbps or 10Gbps, you can take advantage of MASV’s 10Gbps optimization. The result? A 1TB file can be transferred in about 16 minutes instead of 2+ hours on a 1Gbps connection.

Event the fastest Gigafile service doesn’t come close, and can take up to 10 times as long to send a file. MASV is the only cloud delivery platform optimized for 10GB file transfer performance.

Total Transfer Time (Seconds) - MASV alternatives

MASV Is Up TO 30X Faster Than Gigafile

We tested Gigafile upload and download speeds using a 1GB file. Using Gigafile, it took about 2 minutes for a 1GB upload and 1-10 minutes for a download (with considerable variation depending on server conditions). This works out to a total file transfer time of up to 12 minutes.

With MASV, a steady 1GB upload takes about 12 seconds and a download takes about 20 seconds, keeping the total turnaround time around 30 seconds. In other words, MASV is about 10 times faster for uploads and 5-30 times faster for downloads.

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300 GB Limit? That’s Not Our Style

Gigafile imposes a maximum file size of just 300 GB at one time. But at MASV we don’t believe in limits—you can easily transfer an unlimited number of files and unlimited package size to anyone, anywyere in the world.

Secure file transfer for Linux

Security Is A Top Priority

Gigafile Mail’s security is based only on the company’s internal regulations. When you need to transfer files professionally, you can’t leave security to chance.

MASV has completed a rigorous third-party evaluation to ensure compliance with the Trusted Partner Network (TPN) — managed by the Motion Picture Association (MPA) — a trusted leader in security assessment for media and entertainment.

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Only Pay For What You Use ✅

MASV does not charge any additional fees other than the affordable rate of $0.25/GB USD downloaded. MASV does not charge for uploads. While this is more than Gigafile’s free pricing model, MASV’s super reliable service and delivery guarantee more than makes up for the price.

Since you pay only for what you use, you can use MASV efficiently, even if your usage changes from one day to the next.

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No Ads, Unlike Gigafile.

While Gigafile Mail displays many advertisements, MASV is a professional file transfer service with a clean user interface.

When you need to uphold a professional image for your clients and partners, an ad-supported platform like Gigafile just won’t cut it.

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Upload Large Files Without Compression

With Gigafile Mail, files must be compressed to ZIP or LZH when uploading. The larger the file size, the longer it takes to compress, and the greater the degradation in video quality.

With MASV, you’ll never need to compress your files. It’s easy and fast to upload files in their original format without doing anything.

MASV has no data limits, so you can upload RAW video footage without a second thought.

4 Big Reasons to Switch

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Receive Large Files

Large file collection made ridiculously easy.

A Portal is an upload window unique to you. Use it to receive large files, from anyone, directly to your inbox or cloud storage of choice.

Simply create a Portal, brand it to your liking, and share the URL to start receiving files immediately. The recipients of your Portal share link don’t need a MASV account or any credentials to upload files.

MASV Cloud Integrations


MASV Cloud Integration is a central hub where you can connect and manage all your cloud storage integrations.

Press one button and deliver files to your cloud — or set up an automation and avoid manual transfers altogether.

Cloud Integration communicates with your storage directly, which means you don’t have to download files to your local machine only to re-upload it to storage.

MASV custom branded Portal to receive files


With File Transfer Automations, you can designate a folder on your desktop to automatically download files delivered via MASV or trigger an upload to an email address or a MASV Portal when files are added to said folder.

A perfect solution for overnight file deliveries or sending off renders for review.

Stop babysitting file transfers and let the robots speed up your workflow. 🤖

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Need that rush delivery to arrive yesterday? Give your transfers an extra boost with MASV Multiconnect.

Multiconnect gives you the power to turn on more internet by combining two or more different networks to create one network that can multiply your transfer speeds.

Combine your home or office internet with mobile data or a satellite receiver and accelerate your file transfers.

More Reasons Why MASV Is The Best Gigafile Alternative

As if flexiblity, speed and ulimited file sizes weren’t enough, here are four more reasons MASV is the top Gigafile alternative.

Simple Interface

Gigafile Mail’s ad-supported file uploader is a bit cluttered and doesn’t present a professional solution to your clients and partners. On the other hand, MASV is focused on simplicy and ease-of-use, so we keep it nice and clean.


Customer DELIGHT

Gigafile’s customer support is not available for individual issues. This isn’t a risk you can take when your files have to get delivered. We’ve got you. MASV is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to ensure you have a smooth file transfer experience.

On Time Or Your Money Back

MASV guarantees your file will be transferred on-time as scheduled. If for any reason we’re unable to do so, we will refund your money.

Slack Integration

Gigafile Mail does not integrate with any other apps or services, but at MASV we want to make file transfer as efficient as possible. In addition to popular cloud services like Google Drive and Microsoft Sharepoint, MASV also integrates with Slack to keep you and your team up-to-date on transfer status.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MASV really safe, compared to Gigafile?
How fast is MASV compared to Gigafile?

Have you experienced slow file transfers using Gigafile? In our testing, MASV performs faster for both uploads and downloads, achieving up to 10 times faster file uploads and 5-30 times faster downloads, making MASV a faster Gigafile alternative.

Gigafile is free. Who benefits from using MASV?

Gigafile is a free solution, which is great for smaller files and when you don’t need a super reliable transfer solution. You can try MASV for free with 20 GB of free transfer data. When you use these free credits, you can continue to use MASV efficiently when you need to send large files by paying only for what you use, on a pay-as-you-go basis at $0.25/GB USD. There are no other fees, so you’ll never be surprised.

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