MASV For The Sports Broadcasting Industry

MASV is an easy-to-use large file delivery service for sports broadcasting professionals that helps deliver game-breaking HD content on time, every time.

Sports Broadcasting Professionals Love MASV Because

It’s Global

Sports happen around the world, and MASV can send HD video files from anywhere with a network connection.

It’s Versatile

On-location sports broadcasting means unpredictable connections in arenas and stadiums. But because MASV is TCP based, it’s more likely to work smoothly anywhere.


It's Fast

Ancillary content like match promos, player profiles, highlights, and player interviews can be quickly delivered on demand.

It's Always On Time

When it comes to live sports, content is either delivered on time or it is an afterthought.

MASV Is Your MVP In Difficult Network Conditions

MASV always comes through in the clutch in difficult network conditions. Upload content direct from arenas or stadiums without worrying about firewall issues, compared to UDP-based solutions that often require IT support to work properly in restrictive IT environments.

MASV charges you only for the data you use with its pay as you go pricing

Its Pay-As-You-Go Model Won’t Break Your Salary Cap

SMEs and freelancers love MASV because its pay-as-you-go pricing model lets you pay only for what you use, and not a penny more.

Your next billable amount is displayed under the billing section of your MASV Team’s dashboard.

MASV’s Enterprise-grade Security Is Strong On Defense

It’s foolish to go on offense while neglecting your defense, which is why MASV is deployed across highly secure infrastructure provider – Amazon Web Services.

Transfers are encrypted in flight and at rest using TLS encryption and overlapping security measures, along with optional password protection.

Powered By

MASV fast file transfer is secure and is powered by Amazon Web Services

Media professionals trust MASV to deliver their files on time.

When it comes to file sizes, there are no limits with MASV

Because MASV has no file size limits, it’s easy to send complete game footage across the world in 4K and even 8K formats.

MASV: The Starting Lineup

MASV boasts remarkable strengths up and down its roster that make it an ideal solution for the pros in sports broadcasting field

It Works Everywhere

Send and receive files from anywhere in the world with a network connection.

Automatic Recovery

MASV’s robust technology automatically recovers from network disruptions. As soon as your computer is back online, your transfer resumes.

It’s The Fastest Player On Your Team

MASV will completely saturate your bandwidth, with no worries about latency or packet losses during your transfer.

It’s On Time, Every Time

If your file doesn’t arrive on time and it’s MASV’s fault, you’ll get a refund.


All-Star Customer Support

MASV is engineered to work seamlessly, but if something goes wrong, our support team will always step up to the plate.

“I was really sold on the pay as you use it model. This is very attractive to us as we never know how much data we will use or what method the client will want to use to deliver the files. So having the ability to say we can send big files fast but it will cost you x amount is great!”

tony greenwood 1

Tony Greenwood

Technical Director – Core Post

"I think MASV has huge potential. No plugin and no port issues are absolute music to my ears!"

olly strous

Olly Strous

Head of Post Production – ITN

We already use MASV as our only transfer option for all large and finished client files because it's quicker and easier than any other platform we have used, simple as that.

Nick 4 2

Nick Stevenson

Producer – Cadre Productions

“Sharing large files with clients has always been one compromise after another. MASV simplifies all of that and makes file transfer both effortless and blazing fast!”

Garrett Sergeant

Garrett Sergeant

CTO – Simple DCP

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