Fast & Secure Enterprise File Transfer, Simplified.

Accelerate file delivery time and cut costs with MASV, a managed file transfer platform enabling unlimited file sharing through a simple and secure browser.

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Multi-Year Deals

Lock in a low multi-year rate and avoid annual price hikes.

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Quick Onboarding

Save on staff training and infrastructure costs.

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Effortless Scaling

Scale for more users and traffic without extra fees.

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Fast & Reliable

Stability & fault-tolerance on every transfer.

We’ve Saved Teams 150,000 Hours—or 17 Years—of File Transfer Time!

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Our goal is to make things as easy as possible. MASV makes that happen.”

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Nothing but glowing reviews [of MASV] from our team and from our clients as well.

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MASV solved our file transfer issues without expensive or complicated software.

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Advanced File Transfer for Enterprise

MASV is the perfect managed file transfer solution (MFT) for:

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Agile Teams

Small to medium-sized teams in need of a flexible solution that adapts to fluctuating periods of data usage.

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Migrating to the Cloud

Organizations transitioning workflows to the cloud while keeping their current on-premises investment.

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Remote Collaboration

Those in search of a user-friendly MFT solution accessible to teams, clients, and vendors without complexity.

Seamless Onboarding and Collaboration

MASV combines enterprise-grade file transfer performance with the simplicity of a cloud application.

Streamline file transfer operations with faster data transfers, seamless onboarding, and straight-forward user management.

  1. Sign-up online and starting to use MASV within minutes.
  2. Work directly in your browser. No plugins, no installs, and definitely no FTP server.
  3. Send uploads as an email or generate a shareable link.
  4. Clients can download files without an account or login.
  5. Create a Team and individual Teamspaces for efficient project tracking and billing.
  6. Enjoy the flexibility of unlimited user seats.

Compliance and Data Security

Unlike an SFTP server, which needs to be configured to be operational, MASV provides secure managed file transfer capabilities out-of-the-box.

Our secure managed file transfer solution prioritizes data security with rigorous compliance and essential security features:

  • Built on secure, cloud-hosted AWS infrastructure to protect your sensitive data.
  • Member of the Trusted Partner Network (TPN) vendor roster.
  • Supports Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and SAML authentication with Single Sign-On (SSO).
  • Adherence to ISO 27001, SOC 2, and GDPR compliance requirements
  • Implements data encryption in-flight (TLS 1.2) and at-rest (AES-256).
  • Customize passwords, file expiry dates, and download limits for all file transfer activity.
  • Set role-based access controls for user management.

Workload Automation and API

Streamline your workflows with MASV’s automated file transfer capabilities:

  • Turn static folders into hot folders with no-code Watch Folder automation.
  • Automatically store files you receive from collaborators into cloud buckets and MAMs.
  • Integration capabilities with NAS/SAN and proprietary software through our API.
  • Work cross-platform with Dockerized Transfer Agent.

File Transfer Acceleration

Experience the fastest data transfer speeds with MASV’s accelerated file sharing platform:

MASV upload and download speed compared to Aspera and FileCatalyst.

  • Utilize our high-speed AWS content delivery network (CDN) for enhanced speed, security, and efficiency.
  • Large files are chunked in-transit and reassembled at the destination for smoother network requests.
  • Benefit from up to 10Gbps network speeds.
  • Enable additional bandwidth through software-enabled channel bonding.

💡 For more information, read our file acceleration whitepaper.

File Request and Metadata Collection

Safely and easily request and receive large files and metadata with MASV Portals:

  • Request secure uploads from anyone, even without an account.
  • Customize the look and feel of the Portal to match your brand.
  • Collect unique metadata by modifying Portal upload form fields.
  • Share the Portal link or embed it as a public submission form.
  • Connect a cloud storage to automatically save a transferred file.

MASV Portal upload

Cloud Storage and Workflow Integrations

Integrate MASV with major cloud storage, media asset management tools, chat apps, and productivity apps:

  • Access nearly 30 cloud integrations for seamless uploads and automation.
  • Browse and send files from an S3-enabled bucket.
  • Receive real-time data transfer notifications within chat apps.
  • Store files securely in the MASV cloud as a failsafe.

List of various media asset tools and apps

Data Integrity and Bandwidth Management

MASV’s secure managed file transfer ensures data integrity for the largest of large files.

  • Guaranteed delivery with automatic checkpoint restart in the event of a network loss.
  • Verify file integrity with MD5 checksum verification.
  • Monitor files within each data transfer.
  • Upload and download folders without compression to avoid compatibility issues.
  • Optimize bandwidth usage by setting upload and download speed limits and schedules.
  • Pause and resume transfers as needed; set priority labels.
  • Enhance performance by bonding ethernet with mobile and satellite data.

Try MASV Advanced File Transfer

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