MASV + Slack = Productivity

by MathewJun 27, 2019Announcements, Newsroom, Product Updates

We all know “Slack is Where Work Happens”. Video professionals have been using Slack to collaborate on projects, to review & approve footage and to coordinate projects across remote and in-house coworkers. Now you can monitor your MASV deliveries right in the same tool.

MASV Slack Integration

Where video work happens

Introducing MASV for Slack

With a few quick clicks in our new integrations menu option, you can configure MASV notifications to be pushed to Slack.

Here are the notifications that come with this integration out of the box:

  • Package Upload Completion
  • Package Download Initiation
  • Portal Upload Completion
  • Portal Download Initiation
  • Team Invitation Acceptance

Real-time Slack Notifications

Know who sent what on your team and when the recipient downloads

Even more convenient, for Portal deliveries, you can now access the download link directly from your slack channel so there’s no need to monitor emails or dig through the packages section to find your latest deliveries, just click and download.

Portal Notifications

Portal Upload Notifications

We are excited about this integration as avid Slack users ourselves and we want to hear all about your ideas on how we make this integration even more useful to you. Please let us know your feedback through our chat or contact us directly.

As always, our support team put together some useful FAQ’s:

You can also read more about the integration here.

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