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Share Large Files From Cloud Storage

by | January 10, 2023

We have some exciting news to share that makes cloud file delivery even easier and faster than before:

You are now able to share large files from cloud storage to an external recipient via MASV.

Save time and quickly send large files sitting in storage to teammates and clients, without having to:

  • Log into a storage account more than once.
  • Set permissions and invite access from third-parties (a security risk).
  • Download files to your machine only to send them moments later.

This is a highly requested feature and we’re happy to introduce the ability to send cloud files, starting with Amazon S3 and Wasabi, with more integrations to come.

How Does ‘Send Cloud Files’ Work?

MASV has long been able to ingest files into cloud storage with a simple integration. These integrations make it incredibly easy to back-up files you may receive into cloud storage. They save time and limit how many people have read/write access to your cloud file directory or bucket.

Send cloud files works the same way but in reverse.

  1. Simply add a cloud integration to your MASV account.
  2. Fill out the required information.
  3. Enable Send from Cloud and hit Connect.
  4. After that, go to the main upload screen and navigate to the Send Cloud Files tab.
  5. From there, you can share large files from cloud storage via email or shareable link.

Step-by-step documentation 📓

Who is Supported?

We begin our roll-out with S3-compatible cloud storage providers:

Anyone who has experience with S3 knows how difficult it can be to share files directly from a bucket. The process requires dedicated technical support which isn’t always available. With MASV, you can send a file from an S3 bucket just as you would a file on your machine.

Set-up should only take a few minutes if you have an S3 bucket ready to go.

Which cloud storage providers would you like to send files from? Fill out our survey.

send cloud files from amazon s3 upload window

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