File Transfer

What are DNxHD Files?

Learn everything you need to know about DNxHD files from its history, to transcoding details, and how to easily send heavy DNxHD files online, fast.

Jonny Elwyn Avatar

Jonny Elwyn

May 3

What is Edge Storage?

An overview of edge storage, including what is it, its business case, and what it can do for filmmakers and others generating data at the edge.

Jim Donnelly Avatar

Jim Donnelly

Mar 22

Understanding the Differences between Online Storage, Nearline Storage, and Offline Storage

Many different terms exist when describing the array of available digital storage options. But all storage options and technologies for video production fall under one of three basic categories: Online storage, nearline storage, or offline storage.

Jim Donnelly Avatar

Jim Donnelly

Mar 9

What Is Video Transcoding?

Video transcoding is happening all around us, and, if you master the process, it can make your video workflow far more efficient, cost-effective and pleasurable. But what is video transcoding, how does it work and what do you need to know to transcode correctly?

Jonny Elwyn Avatar

Jonny Elwyn

Mar 7

NAS vs. RAID Storage Differences

Have big files? You may be considering NAS vs. RAID. But what's the difference? We explore the advantages, disadvantages, and use cases for each.

Jim Donnelly Avatar

Jim Donnelly

Mar 3

MacOS Ends Support for Dropbox Sync Folders on External Drives

You can no longer store Dropbox sync folders on external drives with the latest MacOS update. Learn how this will affect your large file workflow.

Jim Donnelly Avatar

Jim Donnelly

Feb 17

Best Cloud Storage for Large Files in 2023

Choosing the best cloud storage for sharing your large files isn’t obvious. The good news is that there are many providers that offer a balance between convenience, flexibility, and cost.

Marc Paquette Avatar

Marc Paquette

Feb 8

Video Formats: Understanding Video File Formats and Use Cases

What is the best file format for videos? How do you decide which one to choose for your project? MP4 and MOV are safe bets but the video format you choose for your projects will depend on your specific needs and how you’d like to balance video quality and size.

Alexandra Marriott Avatar

Alexandra Marriott

Jan 17

What Is AI Video Compression?

Contemporary codecs such as H.265 are being challenged by new types of intelligent compression powered by AI – and with file sizes growing ever-larger, it's not a moment too soon.

Gary Adcock Avatar

Gary Adcock

Jan 5

How Big Will Video Files Get?

Video files have ballooned in size over the past decade with no signs of slowing. Read why as we examine how big video files will get.

Jim Donnelly Avatar

Jim Donnelly

Dec 22

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