Content Security

How to Protect Against Content Piracy

You work hard to create content, and you’re entitled to get the most benefit and opportunities from it. As such, you should learn how to protect against content piracy, what options you have, and tools you can use for piracy protection.

Marc Paquette Avatar

Marc Paquette

Feb 14

How To Protect Your Film & TV Production Company. Security Tips.

View our guide of considerations to bolster film and television production security, with tips on what to do during pre, principal, and post-production.

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Majed Alhajry

Dec 2

What Is File Sharing Encryption?

The purpose of file encryption is to hide the contents of the data from everyone except its intended recipient. It uses encryption algorithms and a file encryption key shared between the sender and recipient.

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Jim Donnelly

Nov 3

How to Share Files With Your Team While Working From Home

The most important ways to share files with your team while working from home, along with best practices to keep your data safe, secure, and always available to those who need it most.

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Jim Donnelly

Jun 28

A Secure Remote Workflow Checklist for Video Pros

How can you maintain an airtight security posture while working with multiple remote stakeholders around the world, each accessing video content via the internet and often using residential WiFi networks?

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Jim Donnelly

Jun 21

Data Theft: How Hackers Can Steal Your Files Remotely

From ransomware attacks on infrastructure to the record-breaking pace of serious data theft last year. Hackers are everywhere and they’re hungry for illegally-acquired data.

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Jim Donnelly

Feb 8