MASV Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro

by | July 24, 2019

The fastest way to deliver files to clients and collaborators all within Adobe Premiere Pro

MASV is not just another generic file transfer tool. MASV is purpose-built for videographers to deliver large video files lightning fast to their clients. This new integration is a major step in that direction.

Now you can transfer files directly from within Adobe Premiere Pro. With 3 new options:

  • Transfer entire project files — ready for the recipient to pick up exactly where you left off when collaborating on a project.
  • Transfer individual files from your bin — perfect for sending previously rendered files or source files.
  • Render and send project sequences — direct integration to Media Encoder so you can export and send the rendered output all without having to wait around for the render before delivering the files to a client or reviewer. This includes access to all your favourite codec presets to create exactly the output you want before sending it.

This is a major time-saver for video pros enabling you to spend less time bouncing between the browser / Premiere and more time creating amazing videos.

The MASV Panel uses the same robust and reliable technology used in the MASV Desktop App. This means you can switch internet networks, close your laptop lid, or work with a poor connection and the MASV Panel will continuously retry your transfer ensuring the project gets delivered unscathed.

The majority of the features available in the MASV web application are also available in the MASV Panel including adding a message, setting passwords, download limits, and extended storage. Any missing items will be ported to the MASV Panel soon. Oh, and in case it’s not obvious the MASV Panel comes at no extra cost and leverages the same $0.25 per gigabyte model the MASV web app does.

We are very excited to hear what you think of the new MASV Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro and for those who use other tools such as Davinci Resolve or Final Cut Pro we will see you soon.

You can get the new MASV Panel today on Adobe Exchange linked below:

Get the MASV Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro now