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How Does MASV’s File Acceleration Technology Work?

Exploring the file acceleration technologies and techniques used by MASV to enhance the speed of delivery of terabyte-level files over the internet.

Majed Alhajry Avatar

Majed Alhajry

Mar 1

Storage & Back-up Workflow for Filmmakers

To get a better understanding of the types of storage options available to filmmakers, best practices and tips when storing files, and some examples of existing storage workflows, read our guide on video storage workflows for production teams below.

Ricky Cheung Avatar

Ricky Cheung

Feb 28

How To Set-Up an FTP Server

For many years, FTP was the best solution for transferring large files. If you have no choice in using an FTP server, then this article is for you. Learn how to set-up and FTP server.

Marc Paquette Avatar

Marc Paquette

Feb 21

Best Gear For Making A Short Film With Your SmartPhone

If you’re an aspiring filmmaker and you have an idea for a short film or a video project (like a documentary), with nothing but a phone in-hand — good news! That’s more than enough. And if you want to give your film that extra bit of polish, we’ve compiled a smartphone filmmaking kit with affordable gear to level-up your shoot.

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Ankit Verma

MacOS Ends Support for Dropbox Sync Folders on External Drives

You can no longer store Dropbox sync folders on external drives with the latest MacOS update. Learn how this will affect your large file workflow.

Jim Donnelly Avatar

Jim Donnelly

Feb 17

How to Protect Against Content Piracy

You work hard to create content, and you’re entitled to get the most benefit and opportunities from it. As such, you should learn how to protect against content piracy, what options you have, and tools you can use for piracy protection.

Marc Paquette Avatar

Marc Paquette

Feb 14

Best Cloud Storage for Large Files in 2023

Choosing the best cloud storage for sharing your large files isn’t obvious. The good news is that there are many providers that offer a balance between convenience, flexibility, and cost.

Marc Paquette Avatar

Marc Paquette

Feb 8

How to Back-Up An External Drive to the Cloud

You can never have too many backups; losing an essential file because your storage failed or you ran out of space is not an option.

Jim Donnelly Avatar

Jim Donnelly

Audio Post-Production Workflow Guide

A deep dive into the audio post-production workflow for film, television, and live event video – from spotting sessions to audio editing and mixing.

Ricky Cheung Avatar

Ricky Cheung

Feb 3

MASV Introduces New Integration with Seagate Lyve Cloud

Expansion to MASV’s Cloud Integrations enables a fast and simple way to ingest massive files directly to Seagate Lyve Cloud, the leader in mass data storage solutions.

Anna Mroczkowski Avatar

Anna Mroczkowski

Jan 31