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How to Export Videos From DaVinci Resolve

Whether you're new to DaVinci Resolve or just need a refresher, I’ll show you how to export DaVinci Resolve projects, optimize settings for those projects, and how to save and send your DaVinci Resolve export video.

Alexandra Marriott Avatar

Alexandra Marriott

Oct 21

How to Determine the Best File Transfer Tool?

Web-based file transfer (TCP) vs UDP-based file the end of the day, the type of underlying network protocol shouldn’t matter. What should matter is which service best resolves the user problem(s) at hand. Does the file transfer tool send data faster? Is it more affordable? Is it less complicated? In our experience, common file transfer problems can be bucketed into the following five principles by which to evaluate file transfer tools: simplicity, speed, reliability, security, total cost of ownership.

Majed Alhajry Avatar

Majed Alhajry

Oct 20

How to Ship Hard Drives: A Guide for Video Pros

it’s a fact of life for filmmakers and video professionals that, sometimes, you have to deliver files physically, either by handing a hard drive to a local courier, or shipping a hard drive internationally.

Jim Donnelly Avatar

Jim Donnelly

Oct 5

Decentralized Storage: Never Lose a File Again?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you never had to worry about losing a file ever again? To not create manual redundancies across drives and different storage providers; to always have a backup in place? That is the guarantee of decentralized storage.

Jim Donnelly Avatar

Jim Donnelly

Sep 16

Working With Clients: A Guide for Freelance Video Editors

Although creating world-class videos as a freelance video editor is super fun, it’s only half the battle. Working with clients while balancing other jobs and staying on top of your bookkeeping is critical to the success of your editing work.

Ankit Verma Avatar

Ankit Verma

Sep 9

Top 7 Remote Desktop Software for Video Editing

Remote desktop software grants remote access to a machine. That machine can either be a physical machine — like an office computer — or a virtual machine hosted in the cloud.

Alexandra Marriott Avatar

Alexandra Marriott

Sep 1

8 Ways to Seriously Improve Internet Speed at Home

Slow internet happens for many reasons. Here are 8 simple ways you can improve internet speed at home. Let's get started.

Jim Donnelly Avatar

Jim Donnelly

Aug 24

6 AI tools for Filmmaking You Need to Know About

From text-based video editing to foreign language dubbing using a voice replicator, here are 6 AI tools for filmmaking you need to know about.

Jim Donnelly Avatar

Jim Donnelly

Aug 15

MASV Launches Multiconnect to Power Ultra Fast File Transfers

MASV Multiconnect allows media and video professionals to dramatically increase transfer speeds by combining multiple internet connections.

Anna Mroczkowski Avatar

Anna Mroczkowski

Aug 10

What the Rogers Outage Can Teach Us About Failover

The great Canadian internet shutdown has opened many eyes to the concept (and benefit) of a failover.

Jim Donnelly Avatar

Jim Donnelly

Jul 18