MASV Eliminates File Delivery By Hard Drive

Yes! Shipping files by hard drive is still a thing. New MASV 3.0 allows creative pros to transfer huge files faster than ever; no software, IT, or couriers required.

OTTAWA, Canada – February 20, 2019. MASV (, the world’s leading provider of browser-based, accelerated file transfer technology, today announced a major product expansion that eliminates the need for video and creative professionals to ship hard drives cross-country or internationally. The new version of MASV boasts a range of new capabilities, including faster, more reliable file transfers on a larger global network. MASV’s expansion to 160 new server locations power a global network that now delivers some of the quickest upload times in the industry*. The simple and reliable new MASV diminishes the need for file-delivery-by-hard-drive.

“There are plenty of ways to share small files. The upgraded MASV solves the unique challenges related to sending files that are too large for conventional cloud services,” said MASV Vice-President of Products Dave Horne. “MASV delivers enormous files on-time in a fast, reliable, and pay-as-you go way. It just works – even across long distances and questionable networking conditions. Our specialty in huge files is the reason people come to MASV, but time savings are why they stay.”


New and upgraded features in MASV 3.0 include:

  • An improved user interface allowing users to send several thousand files at once.
  • “Fire-and-forget” file transfers, complete with retry capabilities, to ensure large files are delivered with minimal user interaction even under challenging network conditions.
  • Download tracking, so you always know who has downloaded what down to the gigabyte.
  • Mobile capabilities for users to manage MASV on the go.
  • A full API accessible to clients for automation and integration purposes.

These upgrades strengthen a service that already offers no limits on file sizes, users, or portals; no software, plugins or IT setup; and no requirement for training. If you can send an email, you can use MASV to deliver massive files easily without hard drive or subscription headaches.


A Relief from Subscription Fatigue

MASV is unique in the industry with an affordable, pay-as-you-go pricing model, delivering large data packages from $0.25 per GB. Competing solutions are more expensive, complicated to use, and often require software, plugins or IT intervention.

“Video and creative professionals are project-based and are suffering from subscription fatigue,” said Horne. “MASV unshackles users from subscription. Our pay-as-you-go model doesn’t need to hit your credit card each month and makes it simple to bill transfers back to clients.”

A free 100GB trial is available now at Demonstration videos can be found on YouTube or on MASV’s feature page at


About is an innovative managed file transfer service designed specifically for the world’s largest files. Its ability to transfer very large files, along with a unique pay-as-you-go pricing model, offers unparalleled flexibility when you and your team have to send big files quickly. MASV is based in Ottawa, Canada. MASV’s parent company LiveQoS is a prolific provider of network and Cloud optimization technologies, available on millions of devices worldwide.


*Performance benchmarks are based on real-world tests, sending 1GB of data over a 1Gbps line using Firefox from MASV HQ in Ottawa. Results will vary based on connection speeds, geography, browser choice, and network conditions. We encourage you to test your own performance using our free trial, available at