How To Upload Media and Entertainment Files to Multiple Cloud Storage

by | August 9, 2023

As any good filmmaker will tell you, it never hurts to have as many redundancies as possible when storing and backing-up media files. And in today’s modern cloud production environment, storage isn’t just an idle box. It’s a collaborative tool.

Media professionals need to upload their large files to archive storage, a review and approval tool, and a nearline or “hot storage” for frequent file retrieval.

In this guide, I will show you how to upload media files to multiple cloud storage platforms at once using the best file collection tool available today, a MASV Portal. With this workflow, you and your collaborators can harness the power of automation to effortlessly ingest the same set of files to many cloud storage at the same time, for increased efficiency and better data management.

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Benefits of Using Multiple Cloud Storage Platforms

First, why upload to multiple cloud platforms in the first place? The simple answer is redundancy.

The more copies you have, the less likely you are to lose a file to damage, corruption, or user error (i.e. accidentally deleting a file). This might get expensive as each cloud platform will have variable costs. But do you know what’s more expensive? Looking frantically for a copy of your data, or worse, paying an entire cast and crew to come in and reshoot a scene.

You don’t have to limit your storage to a single cloud provider. There are many cloud services available for video and other media files, each with their own workflows, pricing, and other features. It’s easier than ever to choose the best cloud services to get your work done.

Other benefits of multi-cloud uploads are increased collaboration with broader teams and reduced risk of human error.

Upload Files to Multiple Cloud Storage

Sign up for MASV to automatically upload your files to your favorite cloud providers.

Streamlining Media Storage Workflows with Multi-Cloud Uploads

If you find yourself manually transferring files between different collaborators and services, you can save time and avoid mistakes by using MASV instead. You can use MASV for easy file management automation so that files get to the right people and places as soon as you receive them.

What is MASV? MASV is a secure cloud software company designed to quickly transfer heavy media files worldwide to meet fast-paced production schedules. Global media organizations rely on MASV to automatically deliver their large files without any restrictions, letting them to concentrate on their next big deliverable.

So how can MASV streamline media storage workflows?

  • MASV Portals: This is the center of MASV’s multi-cloud uploading. A MASV Portal is a branded upload page to request and receive large files. Your collaborators upload large files to you; they don’t even need a MASV account to use it.
  • Cloud Integrations: MASV has native integrations with most major cloud storage providers. These integrations can be connected to a Portal, so any file received to a Portal is uploaded to cloud storage as well.
  • File Transfer Automations: Portals are a great way to collect files from others, but there’s nothing stopping you from uploading to your own Portal. For added convenience (and even faster transfers), you can create a Watch Folder automation to automatically upload files in a desktop folder to a Portal.
  • Custom Forms: Need to include metadata along with file uploads? Create a customized form in a Portal to collect metadata from your collaborators. MASV can pass this along to your cloud asset management service.

MASV Transfers Your Files to Multi-Cloud Services

MASV is an excellent cloud storage integration tool. It integrates with dozens of cloud services and we keep adding new integrations all the time. A Portal can transfer the files that you receive in any of these cloud integrations:

  • Media asset management: Organize and automate your media workflow with, MediaSilo, and others.
  • File storage: Make your large media files available to your collaborators with Amazon S3, Wasabi, and other business-class storage services.
  • Productivity: Use work productivity tools like Dropbox, Google Drive, and others.
Work With Your Favorite Cloud Providers

MASV integrates with dozens of cloud services for asset management, file storage, and more.

Step-by-Step Guide: Uploading Media and Entertainment Files to Multiple Cloud Storage Platforms

Say your workflow involves sending files to hot storage, media management, and archiving. Here’s how you would set up a MASV Portal and cloud integrations to do this. In this guide, we’ll use Amazon S3,, and Wasabi as examples. But you can use any cloud provider that MASV integrates with.

Multiple Cloud Storage Platforms

Note: Keep in mind that MASV charges you to transfer your package to each cloud provider. Your cloud providers might also charge you for the transfer. See their pricing plans for details.

1. Sign-up for MASV

Signing-up takes just a couple of minutes, we even offer a free trial!

2. Sign-up for multiple cloud providers

MASV integrates with dozens of cloud providers, including providers for media and film production.

3. Add cloud integrations

Before MASV can send to a cloud provider, you need to give MASV the credentials from your cloud provider. You might also need to configure your cloud provider to give MASV the access that it needs.

Add Cloud Integrations

4. Set-up a Portal

Create a Portal with your own branding, a unique URL, and even collect custom metadata.

Set-up a Portal

5. Connect your Portal to multiple cloud integrations

Now you can configure your Portal to transfer the files that you receive to any of the cloud integrations you’ve set up.

Connect Your Portal to Multiple Cloud Integrations

6. Monitor transfer progress

Your Portal is ready to go! MASV will automatically transfer any files that your collaborators send to you to the cloud integrations for your Portal.

You can keep an eye on the files that you’ve received from your Portal in Transfer History | Received. Then select the package you’ve received to see the progress of your multiple cloud transfers.

Monitor transfer progress

When MASV completes the cloud transfer, the package appears in your cloud provider’s storage, ready to continue its journey through your workflow.

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MASV is an excellent multi-cloud integration tool. It works with your favorite cloud providers and automates multi-cloud uploads. This flexibility solves the limitations of working with a single provider, letting you choose the best solutions for media asset backup, file management automation, and media file organization.

Once you’ve set up your Portals and cloud integrations, you can distribute the files you receive to match your workflow, freeing up your time and avoiding mistakes.

Automate Your Workflow With Multi-Cloud Uploads

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