How to Send Zoom Meeting Recordings

by MathewApr 13, 2020

With the shift to working from home (thanks for staying home, by the way), we’re seeing a dramatic increase in the number of online meetings. Everyone from colleagues at the office to families and friends are getting together by video conference in this time of self-isolation.

The leader in video conferencing, Zoom, has seen remarkable growth as a result.  The company previously served 10 million daily active users; in March of this year, they saw more than 200 million daily meeting participants, both free and paid.

The number one question we’ve fielded recently is:  “Can I use MASV to send a Zoom recording?” 

The answer is yes.

Need to Send Zoom Meeting Recordings?

Send large files like Zoom meeting recordings using MASV.

Here’s How To Send a Zoom Recording Using MASV

Locating Your Zoom Recording

I assume you’ve googled your way to this article, so you probably already know how to record your Zoom meeting.

By default, Zoom will save your recording in your Mac or PC’s Zoom folder (see screenshot above). 

On my Mac/PC, my Zoom folder is found under “Documents.” Each recording is placed in its own subfolder, which is named with the date of your meeting along with the name you used on the Zoom Meeting. Inside that folder are an number of files: 

  • MP4 files: these contain the video recording of the meeting. There may be more than one.
  • M4A file: One audio recording
  • M3U file: One file that creates a playlist of individual MP4 files on Windows PCs
  • TXT text file: One file containing the in-meeting chat messages.

Most of us will be looking for the MP4 (Mpeg-4) video. When sending the meeting recording, we suggest you include the entire folder so your recipients have all the files they need.

MASV is the only Cloud based fast file transfer service capable of retaining folder structure, so it is very straightforward to add the desired Zoom folder and send.


Creating or Logging Into Your MASV Account

First, visit and create an account. The MASV website includes all the instructions you need. If you use MASV frequently, you’ll want to bookmark

When you first start using MASV, we provide a free 100GB trial. That’s — a lot — of data. The trial lasts up to seven days, but you can unlock more free data by referring the service to others.


After the trial period, you only pay for the files you send ($0.25/GB). Most customers find it helpful to create an account and just use it when they need it.

If you’re only occasionally sending or receiving files with MASV, send them from your website using your browser.

If you have a plan to send Zoom meeting recordings frequently or many at one time, download the MASV app from

Add and Send Files

Once you’ve logged into MASV, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Send Files button inside the expandable menu on the left hand side of the screen.
  2. Add your Zoom recording by selecting one of the Add Files button or the Add Folders button if you want to send the entire Zoom folder.
  3. Enter recipient(s) email address. You can add up to 30 recipients per delivery.
  4. Click the Options tab and enter the optional Package name, a short message, download password for your colleagues or clients, and hit Send.
  5. Your recipient(s) will receive a download link via email or by Slack (configuration required), and MASV will send you a notification email when the recipients start downloading the package.

If using the MASV App:

1. Open the app and login 

MASV App 2.0 Login in Dark Mode

2. Follow the prompts. Sending and receiving a package is very straightforward. Click your desired option.

MASV App 2.0 Dashboard in Dark Mode

3. If you are on a Mac/PC, you can simply set up an upload and drag your Zoom recording folder from Finder (MAC) or Documents Folder (Windows).

MASV App 2.0 Send Files in Dark Mode

4. Fill in the required and optional fields. If using a password, which is recommended, you’ll want to share the password separately.

MASV App 2.0 Send Options in Dark Mode

5. Send!
The MASV App will show you transfer performance via a status bar and % of completion. You will be able to see the transfer speed and estimate time of arrival for your transfer to reach the Cloud.

It’s fun to measure your upload speed based on your Internet connection’s speed. We generally use 80%+ of your available bandwidth. Use a speed test to see if you get the speed you’re paying your ISP for, then compare MASV’s performance. We think you’ll find it very fast.

MASV Desktop dashboard

6. Share the link
Send your recipients the link to the download. They’ll have 10 days to download the Zoom recording, after which the file will be securely deleted — there’s no cleanup for you to do. If you need the files available longer, consider using our pay-as-you-go storage option. You can store files for an unlimited length of time at the rate of $0.10 (USD) per GB per month.

MASV App 2.0 Shareable Link in Dark Mode

7. Download the files
Recipients will get a notification email with the download URL (if you have chosen to send your delivery as an email). They can download through the browser or use the MASV Desktop app for best performance.
MASV Download Email

That’s it! Any large file is easy to send with MASV. Do you have questions about Zoom Recordings or how to send any big file? Send them our way at [email protected].

Share Your Zoom Meetings Now

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