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Secure large file transfer anywhere in the world without size limits or restrictions.

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ay-as-you-go at $0.25/GB USD.

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Fast, large file transfer with MASV

Send camera footage to your post-production team, deliver final files against a tight deadline, or download large files directly to your cloud storage—whatever the reason, file transfer with MASV is simple and fast.

Share any file type including RAW uncompressed videos, large photos, unstructured data and more, all while maintaining your original folder structure.

The Fastest Way to Transfer Files and Folders

Because MASV uses a dedicated global accelerated network, you’ll get access to the fastest file transfer speeds across the world without having to install any software or plugins, or make changes to your firewall settings.

The best part? It takes less than 30 seconds to get started.

fastest file transfer
easy file transfer

If You Can Send an Email You Can Transfer a File

In a remote world, file transfer with team members, clients and collaborators can be a challenge.

That’s why MASV’s familiar user interface makes transferring files and folders as easy as sending an email. Simply drag and drop the files you want to share into the transfer window, add your recipients’ email address and hit send.

Want receipts? You’ll always know the status of your client deliveries on a per-recipient basis, allowing you to keep tabs on who has downloaded what.

Track the Progress of your Secure File Transfer

An easy-to-read transfer dashboard ensures you always know the status of files you’ve transferred. You can see the progress of all transfers in one view, including transfer speed and estimated delivery times.

interactive file transfer dashboard
MASV cloud connect integrations

Automatically Transfer Files to the Cloud

Automation is a wonderful thing. Delivers files to cloud services without lifting a finger.

MASV Cloud Connect is a cloud-first service that plays well with Digital Asset Management tools found in media & entertainment—like Iconik,, and more (and we’re always adding new tools).

Jordan Maltby

“We test drove a bunch of different file transfer platforms, and MASV was the only one that always worked without fail.”

– Jordan Maltby, CEO/Owner, Shadow Magic Studios

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