MASV Cloud Connect

MASV Cloud Connect is the fast, easy way to deliver any files you receive to your preferred cloud storage. ☁️

How Does it Work?

MASV Cloud Connect is a central hub where you can connect and manage all your cloud integrations. These integrations are designed to help you move data to and from cloud storage providers using MASV’s fast and reliable file transfer service.

Plenty of Options

We offer swift integrations with most major cloud storage providers — as well as popular review & approval tools and media asset management software.


Gone are the days of waiting for a file to download only to re-upload it to the cloud. 🥱 MASV connects to your cloud storage directly and sends files straight to the source.

Automated Delivery

Speed up your workflow with automation. Add a cloud connection to a MASV Portal and any file you receive will automatically appear in your cloud storage. 

Why Should I Use Cloud Connect?

It only takes a few seconds to create a cloud connection yet the results save hours in time, resources, and energy. With MASV Cloud Connect, you can:

  • Speed up operations by cutting out upload and download wait times.
  • Automate your backup/archival process.
  • Improve collaboration by storing many separate files into one central location.

MASV Cloud Connect Integrations

MASV offers no-code/low-code integrations for the cloud services listed below — and we’re adding more all the time. 🎉

masv file transfer upload in progress

Collaborate Using MASV Portals

MASV Portals are a simple and user-friendly way to collect files from anyone and anywhere. Perfect for when you and your team need to pool assets for a specific project.

MASV Desktop dashboard

Built for Speed

MASV’s file transfer service has global reach, and is optimized for both speed and very large file sizes. Internal tests show that MASV can offer close to 1 Gb/s download speeds – critical when you need to transfer hundreds of GBs on short notice. 🔥

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