MASV Cloud Connect

Your New Cloud Integration Hub

MASV Cloud Connect

The all-new MASV Cloud Connect is a central hub where you can connect and manage all your cloud integrations. These integrations are designed to help you move data to and from cloud buckets using MASV’s fast and reliable file transfer service. Cloud buckets can be attached to MASV Portals and configured to automatically transfer incoming files directly to the correct cloud bucket.

Collaborate Using MASV Portals

MASV Portals are a simple and user-friendly way to collect assets from anyone and anywhere. Portal uploads enable exceptionally fast and reliable collaboration capabilities when you and your team need to pool assets for a specific project.

Receive files from anywhere using MASV Portals
MASV Cloud Connect works with digital asset management tools

Optimized For Fast Downloads And Cloud-based Workflows

MASV’s file transfer service has global reach, and is optimized for both speed and very large file sizes. Internal tests show that MASV can offer close to 1 Gb/s download speeds – critical when you need to transfer hundreds of Gigabytes on short notice.

MASV Cloud Connect is a cloud-first service that plays well with Digital Asset Management tools found in the M&E industry — Iconik,, and more.

MASV Cloud Connect Integrations

MASV currently offers no-code/low-code integrations for the cloud services listed below, and we’re adding more all the time.

Amazon S3 Storage Buckets

Amazon S3

Other S3 compatible clouds are also supported.

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