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by MathewOct 24, 2019Announcements, File Hacks, Newsroom, Product Updates

Now you can use MASV to send large files to Google Drive and Dropbox — and that’s just the beginning.

Many of us know that an increasing number of post-production professionals and clients are moving storage to the Cloud. So it was no surprise when MASV users came to us earlier this year asking: “Can MASV be configured to send large files directly to Google Drive, Dropbox or other cloud storage services?”

The answer of course was “yes — with some effort.” So we took another step forward in our mission to simplify cloud delivery of large files, and started work on our “Deliver to Cloud” initiative.

“Deliver to Cloud” is more that just an integration with Google Drive and Dropbox. It is a wider effort to accelerate content into the Cloud services that video professionals are using today — or will soon use tomorrow.

I sometimes joke that my overarching goal at MASV is to “help video professionals get more sleep.” [In those moments I’m usually thinking of myself sitting in my basement goofing off waiting for a render; or the video editors I’ve worked with in the past who stayed up all night working on my projects.]

But I’m not really joking — everything MASV builds is intended to make our customers’ lives easier, so you can finish work and make more money faster. Whether you use the time savings to sleep, win another client, or get home in time for dinner with the kids — MASV’s goal is the same. And the MASV team knows there’s plenty of other ways we can save your time in the future.

Save to Google Drive and Dropbox
Today the MASV team is pleased to launch new integrations with Google Drive and Dropbox. Save to Google Drive and Save to Dropbox makes it simple to send large files to these popular cloud storage services directly from your MASV download page.

MASV Download Options

Just 1 click away: send large files to Google Drive or Dropbox via the drop-down on the MASV Download page

MASV customers told us that many projects ultimately end up in clients’ cloud storage. Until now, when sending large files to Google Drive after receiving via MASV, deliveries were downloaded locally and re-uploaded, which, in addition to being time- and bandwidth-consuming, was a pain. Our new integrations will save both MASV users and their clients time and hassle; these are the improvements that the team at MASV love to make.

Getting Started

Sending large files to Google Drive and Dropbox from MASV is easy. From the download page, simply click the appropriate menu item, authenticate, and deliver.

Our tests show that speeds into both Google and Dropbox storage is exceptionally fast and reliable. MASV has been testing with files in excess of 1TB and with 10s of thousands of individual files. Both Google Drive and Dropbox have demonstrated the same high reliability you’ve come to expect from MASV deliveries to local storage. Please try it out today and let us know what you think.

More October Updates

Today’s update includes a number of other time-saving improvements:

New! Browsable Folders — Packages in the MASV download page can now be browsed, making it faster to validate folder contents and download individual files.

New! ETA on Zip — Here’s a feature for those of you who are sending the really big packages on tight deadlines. When recipients are in a hurry to download large files immediately after they’ve been uploaded, sometimes they’ll get ahead of MASV’s zipping of large files in the cloud, (This zipping is done to preserve folder structure) and they’ll find themselves waiting for the package to become available for download.

Now the MASV download page now provides an estimate of how long it will take to Zip your file so your recipients can better predict when the file will become available — and maybe they won’t call you asking where it is!

As always, you and your recipients can skip the Zip by using our desktop app or by browsing your package to download individual files.

Highly recommended, but not required: Desktop App for 100GB+ files

We have one feature that we didn’t launch: after recently surveying MASV customers, we’ve decided to keep the MASV desktop app optional, even for packages in excess of 100GB.

When packages get above this size, the app is vastly superior in terms of delivery performance — but it does add an extra step to downloading files. A substantial number of survey respondents told us they loved the ability for clients to download deliveries from the browser without ever requiring additional software, so our app will remain optional.

Thank you!
Your ideas continue to power MASV’s roadmap. Thank you for your continued feedback and support of MASV. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any reason at [email protected]

Try the new features now!

*Photo by Mike from Pexels

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